Pretty cow is a boy:(

The calf did not take to getting caught initially.  He was fighting.  It’s always funny seeing your own expressions.

He did calm down once I had three legs.

trauma is complete they just need to leave.

Annmarie and I went out this morning to tag the new baby calf born last week.  There was great hope it would be a girl and we could keep it due to the wonderfully colorful markings.  Nope, it was a boy.  I spotted it while I was chasing the cows down our long driveway.  It took us about 1.5 hours to get the cows into the barn lot.  They just did not want to cooperate.  We had to go back and forth in the lower field twice.  We never would have gotten them without the dog, but he just doesn’t like to work the cows and has be continually prompted. 
It wouldn’t be a roundup unless they went far distances to get caught.

He also kept looking at me for commands every time Annmarie gave him one.  I just quit talking and let her run the dog.  Kinda like a remote with no batteries, useless.  Zeke finally caught on and was actually listening to her by the end of the second hour.  He got hot and needs a second hair shaving for the year.  I had initially thought one would do the trick the entire summer but obviously not.  He was a lot more active when his hair was shorter. 

Once we got the cows into the barn lot I figured it was easy.  Nope, we had one of the young heifers that did not want to go into the corral.  Mostly, because she is picked on by the other cows and didn’t like being that close to anyone because they picked on her.  We had to finally resort to tapping her on the nose with a stick when she tried to run past us before we got them into the corral.  This is only the second time we have done it but the babies seem to stay in the pen and everyone else eventually goes into the sorting chute.  I am still using 2×4 to block the chute opening at the far end as our gates are not fabricated yet.  We pushed all the adult cows into an adjacent holding pen in case the baby went through the chute also.  I tagged and banded the calf while Annmarie held it.  It was amazingly easy at one week of age compared to the last one Rob and I did at one month of age!
We were going to tag and band the sheep but there is a bunch of wood from the old house stacked into the barn.  I need to fix a few things in the barn.  I need a grain bucket holder, grain bucket feeder ledge, hay bale wall feeder and to fix both front doors and make them into four half size doors.  This needs to happen sooner than later.  I also need some mouse poison for the tack room.  I saw a bunch of new mouse turds. 

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