Barn is ready for winter!

Sheep barn doors are done, and yes they are barn quality with room for sag and shifting.

It was a sheep morning.  It was looking pretty good, Zeke and Annmarie and Jonathon had gotten the sheep into the mommy area in just a few minutes.  It was looking like it was going to be a quick sort and tag and then onto the barn.  Nope, it was not to be.  The sheep did not want to go into the barn and one of the ewes with a set of twins broke away from the cluster and tried to run by Zeke.  He took offense as we had told him to guard.  He jumped on her side and grabbed a hold of her right side.  We hollered at him and he let go then the ewe turned and rammed him because she had twins.  He did not take kindly to this attempt on his dog ego.  He jumped on her grabbed her side and started to work his way to her throat.  I was running at him, screaming at the top of my lungs and swearing at him to let go.  He had her by the throat and was squeezing by the time I got close.  He let go just before I reached him.  I made him go to the far corner and then rolled him over onto his back and choked him until he submitted.  The dog is far too dominant at times.  He was not allowed to help with the sheep most of the rest of the morning.  Annmarie took him out later and said he was much more subdued and listened very well.  In other words, he found his good boy manners. 
We sorted and tagged the last set of twins.  Jonathon wrote down all the tag numbers as our spread sheet is a little outdated.  After all the mommas and babies were documented we ran in the boys.  The first one we sorted out was the ram.  We tossed him into the middle of the barn to run around until we had everyone else sorted.  Jonathan was sure the ram was going to sneak up and get him at any point.  He kept looking over his shoulder to see where the ram was located in relation to him.  After every one’s tag number was documented we let the ram loose with the girls.  He was very happy when he ran over to see all of them. 
We fixed the lower door from parts of the old one and a few new pieces.  The only compromise was I had to put the boards horizontally instead of vertically.  The boards were too short to go vertically.  I didn’t want a bunch of fresh colored boards on the bottom half of the door.  Again, I left lots of room for door shifting.  Annmarie says its for natural ventilation.  I think it is as good a reason as any.  The barn is totally ready for winter!  I just need to bungie cord the feeders together so the sheep cannot pull them over.  It is the only thing left.  I need to actually buy more bungie cords to make this happen.  I am way more ready for winter than I was last year.  It is getting easier and easier. 

Milk room cleaned up so we can walk through.

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