Stuck again.

Stuck again.

I spent the morning getting my alpaca shears sent back to the company.  I wanted to save time on the repair job so two weeks ago I ordered the new shear head and comb screws.  They came late last week and yesterday afternoon I finally attempted to install them.  I got all my needed tools, could not find the owners manual so my ipad and the internet came to the rescue and I camped out on the old house porch.  Five minutes into tearing it apart and cleaning it I realized there was a reason that Premier said these need to be sent back to the company for repair.  The shear head has a bearing seated in it.  I did not know this and did not order a spare bearing.  I called this morning and got directions on how to send it back and where to send it.  Hopefully, I will get it in a couple of weeks.  I left a note detailing what was broken and how 3.5 of my 8 alpaca were sheared.  I am hoping my sad story will expedite the repair. 

I was thinking about staining the fence but it was too hot.  I washed the fence off yesterday and Annmarie is supposed to be getting me another gallon of stain today.  It needs to be five degrees cooler.  Instead I fired up the mistress and went out into the orchard to flatten out the mud and dirt piles from the backhoe.  On the North side of the large tree I had great success, the South side had multiple large piles of mud.  These were not dry and the tractor kept getting stuck.  I managed to  spread it out in a semblance of flat.  This will let it dry out faster and allow me to work it flat in the next week.  I went near the house were the bowl shaped earth was and filled it in.  It filled in nicely and was just going to make one pass right along the ditch bank.  The ditch bank was not firm, not at all.  Both my front and rear tire dropped down into the ditch and I could not get the tractor out.  I will have to wait until Thursday when I can pull the pickup around and then have someone pull while I drive the tractor.  There is always something. 
We have opened up all our pastures for the cows, sheep and horses to go wherever they want.  The feed is very dry so we wanted them to find the best feed available.  The horses seem to be hanging with the sheep.  The cows stay to themselves.   

Almost flat enough.

Needs to dry out some more so I can make a second pass

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