Fruit trees in the ground.

Fruit tree enclosure is hopefully animal proof.

I spent all day yesterday and most of today planting trees.  They are all in the ground except for the Crimson Maple that goes in our front yard.  I will plant it on Wednesday.  All the holes had to be dug wider by hand, then the trees planted.  That is of course the easy part.  Then I had to cut off one end of the cow panel and bend it in a circle by laying on it as I rolled it across the ground.  I used a hollow metal tube to bend the sticky outy parts of the fence back over onto themselves so I could complete the circle.  Once that was in place around the tree then I had to drive in three T posts by reaching over the fence.  After that was done I wrapped the upper half of the cow panel in a smaller grid fencing that extends one foot above the cow panel.  Now I add some T post fence clips to tie it all together.  Soak the whole tree in water and go back and add in more dirt.  They all required more dirt.  Now do that nine times!  It took quite a while. 

This morning the professional victim got out of his enclosure again.  I noticed when the alpaca started to all scream and three of them were piled on top of a black alpaca.  I walked over to his enclosure and opened the gate.  He came running with a white alpaca on his back trying to hump him.  He ran right to me and the open gate.  I shooed the other alpaca away and he went right in to his enclosure.  I think he is getting out down by the front ditch.  I moved the panel so hopefully he cannot do that again.  I really need to add a second panel.  I did not get to that today. 

In the triangle, out front of my mother-in-law’s house I built a rock wall circle, filled it with 60 year old sheep poop and planted a big oak tree.  Because it is elevated I am just going to use the cow panel without any extra wire at the top.  It turned out very nice.  She was happy. 

Seven new fruit trees in the orchard.

Oak tree and rock house in driveway.

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