Sheep sold

Back elevated garden spot progressing.

Friday was the day of death around our house.  The butcher called on Thursday to say he would be out Friday morning at 0700.  I called Annmarie and had her and Zeke put the sheep into the barn so we could sort them Friday morning early.  She said Zeke did great and got the sheep in with no problem other than they just didn’t want to go into the barn.  It takes a couple of weeks of feeding them in the barn before they learn the barn is a great place.
We went out at 0600 to sort off the wethers.  We ended up banding and tagging three little boys.  We sorted all the wethers off and had almost 20 sheep.  We then ran all the other sheep out of the barn and ran the leftover wethers through the sorting chute one more time and snagged the 11 biggest lambs.  We then ran them out the end of the barn and into our new corral.  The butcher showed up at 0710.  He liked the new corral and ran all the animals into the chute then just walked down the chute and grabbed the closet animal.  He processed 11 animals over four hours.  He is usually faster but he had cut his finger earlier in the week and was wearing a glove and being a lot more careful. 

He kept cleaning the animals off and made a little bit of a mud pit at the end of the chute.  I am going to order another 10 cubic yards of gravel and will just have it dumped in front of the chute.  That way I will be able to spread some out and make a gravel area with lots of drainage.  He won’t need to come back until next year. 

I used up the rest of the afternoon moving gravel to the back elevated garden.  I am getting closer but not sure that I won’t run out of gravel again. 

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