First bummer of the year

First bummer, a boy.

The first day of the new year netted us our first two lambs of the year!  One of our first time mothers had the first set and most likely they were early.  She wasn’t really accepting the second baby and Annmarie went out to the barn multiple times to check on the bonding process.  She rejected the little boy.  He came inside the house to get warmed up and some milk.  We called Tisha and she came to pick him up and take him home.  She takes all our bummers.  Annmarie was unable to get near the momma so she waited until I got home the next day.  I slowly waded into the sheep pile in the barn and did my patented leap/dive/grab to control the ewe.  I managed to grab her on the first try and only got drug through the straw and poop for about 8 feet.  Luckily, I am larger than her and she was unable to get away.  I drug her into one of the two jugs, turned my back to get some straw and she was gone!  We settled on moving some of our sheep sorting panels around and creating a new momma area inside the barn.  The only reason we cannot use our normal momma area is the baby is too small.  We are afraid it cannot jump up the single step to get back into the barn.
Unfortunately, this means we have to carry water into the barn twice a day.  Not a chore we enjoy.  The babies should start popping out every day, January is going to be a busy month. 
January 1, 2016

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