Sheep are like rabbits

I am on vacation this week.  Its supposed to be relaxing except Annmarie is out of town all week and the sheep have decided to have babies, lots of babies.  I went out this morning to let them out of the barn and it was crazy.  Every time I looked in another corner I found more babies.  I counted 6-7 born last night.  The real problem was only one had an attentive mother.  I could not tell who belonged to whom.  I opened the barn door and they all ran outside leaving babies everywhere.  Zeke, mouse and I had to go out onto the back hillside and chase them back in.  Mouse does not like being on a leash.  He especially does not like walking politely on the leash.  I have been trying the firm snap/tug for the last week.  It was not working.  I tried a backwards flying correction.  Mouse seemed to grasp that it was a bad thing.  He lightened up on the leash.  I locked everyone up in the back barn lot and figured I would sort it out tonight. 

So tonight I went out with Sarah and we tagged the babies in the momma area and scooted them outside.  Then we tagged the triplets and moved them into the baby area.  We were only able to get one mother to come with the baby lure.  She went into the momma area.  We then waded out into the heard and attempted to locate mothers for the loose babies.  We tagged a total of 12 babies.  There were two that we just could not figure out who owned them.  I figured I would give them another night to sort it out.  Now Sarah and I did find a dead lamb in the momma area.  So it was one we sorted out a twin I believe.  Annmarie called to check up on us.  

I had to go back out and watch the two babies to see if anyone would claim them.  I saw one nurse until it was full and then curl up in the straw.  The other just could not find its mother.  The second time it tried to nurse from one of the wethers I knew it was destined for bummerville.  I called Tisha after bringing it inside and she is on her way now to give it a new home.  I did try and bottle feed it and had no success.  I don’t usually have much success at it.  It is currently in a box over by the propane stove, curled up on some towels waiting patiently for its new owner.  I have Zeke over guarding the box from Mouse. But he keeps letting Mouse in to lick on the baby.  It just dawned on me that I had forgotten to let those mothers back into the barn.  I am headed out now to let them into the barn.  Truly, it is amazing to me how easy it is to forget something.  I do know why Annmarie pesters me all the time to make sure I have done certain things for the animals.  You cannot let anything else in your life distract you.  The animals have to take precedence regardless of how many other things are attempting to weigh down your brain.  I suspect this is why I enjoy it so much.  It reminds me of how basic life is and no matter what you must keep moving forward.

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