Sheep out of control.

I went outside Sunday morning and there are sheep every where!  I have lost track. I think there are 22 babies but not certain. I found another dead one. So we are up to four bummers and three dead. I started looking at the weathers to see how they look. I figured if they were skinny then maybe it really is a nutrition problem. Unfortunately, they are all still pretty fat so I think it is poor genetics. 
In the interest of solving our baby problem I reaaranged the feeders in the barn. The feeders were in the middle of the barn and evenly spread out to maximize access for the sheep.  This created two lanes that all 50+ sheep would run and jump down therefore trampling babies in their haste get away. I moved all the feeders to one side and along the back wall to create more open space so the babies don’t get trampled. It’s pretty amazing to watch a day old baby get rolled and stomped on and then just pop up and continue on like nothing happened. 
Zeke has decided to war with his hated nemesis. I am sure it is the ewe that used to stomp on him when he was a puppy.  Neither one of them wants to behave, both Annmarie and I have had issues with him. I had to call him off today and then roll him on his back and do a dominant throat hold till he relented and was submissive. He is so annoying unfortunately the ewe is just as annoying. I had to smack her to get her to not bum rush him!  At least the animosity is mutual.  Mouse ignores most of this as he thinks the barn is one big dinner plate. He digs around in the straw for placentas. They are long, skinny and chewy.  He swallows and chews on them likes it’s a chewy piece of pasta. When you holler at him he tries to slurp it down like a piece of long spaghetti noodle!  I usually catch him in the act and toss them out the window onto the ground for the cats or magpies. 
On the plus, side we finally figured out how to tie both dogs together. We got Zeke a chest harness and a 2 foot lead with clips on both ends. It was pretty awkward for both dogs the first few times but now they can tear around without any troubles. 

Our master bedroom closet is getting ready for its facelift.  All the dressers are lining our bedroom walls. We managed to help sarah get her bedroom closet emptied and our back wall hanging items placed into her closet.  She is living out of boxes. The contractor came out Monday to talk about the plan with Annmarie. I got a hold of the heating guy and he will be out this week or the beginning of next week to install the downdraft vent fan ductwork. It’s all starting to come together. 

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