Dog proofing yard

Dog proofing front fence

We decided it was time to make our front yard dog escape proof.  This seems like an almost impossible task but the overhead run is causing a boredom issue.  Both border collies have decided it is very important to dig multiple holes to China.  Our front yard dog run area looks like a prairie dog den.  There are holes everywhere.  It is not safe to walk through that portion of the yard at night.  We decided to go with a 12 g woven wire and I cut it to fit between each 4×4 post and shortened it to only go up to the second wooden railing.  I also dug a channel in the gravel and buried the fence a few inches.  All this is to keep Sprout, the little dog, inside the yard.  He won’t stay out during the day when it is hot outside but it would be nice to let him out when the weather is perfect and not worry about him sneaking off.  Our hope is with the whole yard to roam the border collies will not get bored.  This is the hypothesis, the test will be when I get the yard done. 

I hope to have the fence completed in a week.  Its good to have a goal.

Now that we have separated a cow from the herd, the bellowing has begun.  The bull is hollering because he cannot get to the heifer, she is hollering because she is not with the herd.  Its going to be a long night.

Close up shot of front fence

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