Grass is green

March Madness

It really is the middle of March. It looks like full blown spring. We did have another freeze Thursday night so we are not out of the woods yet. One of our fruit trees we planted last year is in full bloom all ready. The cows and horses seem to be very hard on the small trees. The alpaca have not bothered any of the trees in the fields with them. The horses reach over the fencing and munch the top out of the tree and the bull just rips at the cattle panel circle with his horns until he manages to lift it off. He then proceeds to scratch his horns all over the baby trees decimating them in the process. 
I have two little walnut trees in the ram pasture that. Need a round cattle panel and a height extender added to those two trees. 
I would like to plant three more trees this year and three every year for the next five years. 
Hard to believe it is March.

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