Cows round 2

$450 irrigation pump part

The part is done!  Sarah and Annmarie picked it up on Thursday.  I had them make it out of stainless steel.  It looks identical to the cast aluminum one but this one will not break when I tighten the bolts. 
We decided the steers really needed to be separated from their mothers.  The newborn baby calves are coming.  We had one born on Thursday, the crazy cow with a green ear tag.  Luckily, this was the one cow without a yearly steer.  So on Saturday we all three went out with two dogs to bring the cows in.  Its never as easy as it sounds.  We had to open multiple gates and get things arranged so that the cows would have a straight shot to the front barn lot.  I took Mouse on his lead rope and Sarah and I went up on the back hillside.  The new momma and her baby were at the far fence in the first lower pasture with everyone gathered around.  The cows wouldn’t move so Annmarie and Zeke went down to push them toward the gate.  The cows were not having any of it.  Annmarie didn’t want to move forward but I hollered from the hill, so her and Zeke started creeping forward.  She got within 8 feet of the momma and sicked Zeke on her.  The cow went bananas and started charging the dog and Annmaire.  There was some high pitched screaming emanating from Annmarie.  This went on until the cow backed off.  We ended up leaving that momma and baby alone.  We pushed everyone else up to the barn lot and managed to sort off the two steers.  After the fence fiasco, it was decided we would leave them in the corral for a few days to let them lose some attachment from their mothers.  We set up the 35 gallon water trough and I brought 1/4 of the cow feeder over and belted it into one of the corner spots.  I cut open the last 800# bale of alfalfa and filled the feeder.  I was feeling sorry for the cows so I thought we should open up all three areas of the corral for them.  This would let them get away from the dogs.  We still had to push the other cows back into the lower field.  This did not go smoothly.  The crazy mother had come down and her baby squirted through the vinyl fence into Donna’s back yard.  The mother promptly followed, there is a reason that vinyl fences are not made for animals.  I now have to replace a section of the fence.  We managed to finally get the cows in the right spot, shut all the gates and went to bed.  There was much noise as all involved parties were not happy. 

Momma not in the right spot

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