Garden fence progress

Bottom pasture on this side of creek mowed.

I came home yesterday from work and jumped right on the tractor and finished mowing the bottom pasture on this side of the creek.  I need to install two culverts in the irrigation ditch so I can drive across the ditch with the mower attached to the tractor.  I wanted to get this mowed so I can lay out the irrigation pipe and get the pump irrigating.  My weekend project is getting the irrigation going.  I drove over to Walla Walla today and picked up some new Nelson sprinkler heads and 45 brass valves.  I have enough pipe that I can leave it laying out and just turn the valves on the sprinkler head to control the water, easy solution.  Unfortunately, getting some of the pipe repaired and straightened is the next big thing on the list.  I know where some more pipe is located and may need to go up and get it.
I found a leak in my irrigation pond yesterday.  I am going to tarp it tomorrow and may need to line the pond eventually to get rid of it. I knew it had a leak last year I was just hoping that when I dug it out I managed to plug the hole.  It has tunneled through the hillside about 4 feet down so there is no way to get to it except at its entrance.  I am hoping the tarp fixes it this year.  I called pacific power and got our name added to the irrigation pump.  Its billed separately and the man tried to explain it over the phone but it is quite convoluted.  I will wait for the first months bill and go from there. 

When you cannot see the 4 inch concrete shelf hidden under dirt.

Our custom garden fence was delivered today.  It was quite awkward and took all three of us to move it to the backyard.  There was much yelling and hollering and swearing to get it into its needed location.  Once there we moved it so I could dig the holes.  Unfortunately, when Annmarie had them build it she could not see into the dirt and notice that the concrete had a four inch lip hidden underground.  I had to get a 20 pound, 7 foot long breaker bar to chip off the old concrete so the fence post would slide into its needed location.  It took me 30 minutes and two blisters to get it done.  Sarah kept telling me I was sweating and the veins on my forehead where sticking out.  Yes, its called hard manual labor.  I will get some concrete tomorrow and set the posts.  I am also going to put paver sand on the deck area and see if I can create one solid surface.  I will pick up a rolled wooden fence for the other side and get that installed.  This will let me use the sheep as lawn mowers!! 

Back garden side fence, fits perfectly, needs concrete poured into holes.

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