Just when you think it’s covered

creek crossing reinforced now

I got a call from my mother-in-law on Wednesday while I was at work stating that the sheep were out in three different locations and they could not keep them in the field.  I left work early and came home.  I had asked my nephew to fix the loose sections of fencing the day before.  We had the tools and supplies already loaded in the back of the pickup so after a quick clothing change I was ready to go.  We checked on the upper creek crossing first and it looked like a sheep highway.  My nephew had pounded a post in but had left a gap that the sheep had just pushed open and were using as a highway.  We moved the panels around, clipped them together and even wired several together.  The sheep will not be getting through the fence in that location.  I will need fencing pliers to fix this crossing in the winter!  We then went up to the corner which he had done a great job in tightening.  The back fence had some sagging fence so we tightened and installed wooden stays for almost a quarter of a mile of fencing.  We lowered the woven wire and tightened as much as we could.  This took a few hours to get straightened out. 

Upper hillside tightened and stays added

I am running out of wooden stays.  I had 500 stays several years ago.  I have about 40 left and need another 500-750.  I would settle for another 500. I fired up the irrigation line also.  I want the wind to blow as it moves the spray away from my back during pump startup but it screws up the distribution pattern. There was no wind so I got soaking wet.  The pipe is still clogged about 2/3 of the way down each branch of line.  I figured it would have worked its way out by now but no luck.  So tomorrow I am going to have to pull that chunk of pipe out and move it to the end after reconnecting all the other pipe.  I want to move the pipe over  40 feet anyways.  I may have to run it and then on Sunday move it over.  We will see.  I have to clean up the house as Annmarie is coming home tomorrow.  

She keeps telling me I need to quit saying the fence will hold.  She believes I am cursing myself.  I say “Bring it!!”  I will get this figured out.  It just takes perseverance and hard work.  I am amazed that we have fruit in the orchard.  We just planted those trees last summer and they are already putting on fruit.  It is incredible.  I made sure and added a typical farmer selfie at the bottom.
I had another damn chicken be a chicken, it just up and died.  Sometimes they are so stupid I wonder why they don’t starve to death.  At this rate I may have to get chicks this fall if I can find them.  My nephew will clean out the coop and I will be able to make a new improved FIRE PROOF baby area!!  Then I will need to redo the entire baby enclosure area and make it sturdier and not so slapdash. 

apple tree

second apple tree

pear tree

Farmer selfie!!

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