First baby!

First baby from our new ram, Oreo. 

Winter is coming!  This happens every year and it is always a race to get ready.  There are always ten projects that need to be done before the ground freezes.  This year is no exception and I am having a hard time squeezing everything in.  I am not going to get every project done.  Our newest big project is getting new internet.  The internet blows, we cannot get satellite anything due to our Southern exposure being blocked by a 100+ year old tree and a 100+ year old barn.  What were they thinking? Did they not know we would need satellite access?  I am courteous enough to plan for the next 50 years.  Because of our super slow internet, we have to put every device in airplane mode to stream any TV and even then some nights the download pauses are treated as commercials from the olden days.  We have had W-tech link out to our house twice.  We live in a low spot between two hills and cannot pick up a signal from the radio transmitters two miles away in Pilot Rock.  The second time they came out they just used a boom truck and started raising it all over the farm to find a signal.  If we go 20 feet into the air over the old machine shop on the back tall corner peak we can pick up a signal from the Pendleton Airport!  Perfect, lets do it!  There is one slight complication, the receiver needs power and it needs to be mounted 20 feet in the air above the peak of the machine shop.  

Somewhere there is a baby out there!

So now I am frantically trying to get power over to the machine shop asap so we can have internet and have our driveway back.  I have had to drag the trash can down past the shop for the last two weeks so the garbage truck can just turn around like they used to do.  They always just circle around behind the machine shop to get out, it makes it very easy for large rigs and trailers.  A semi truck can do it also.  I needed more supplies so I went to Zimmerman’s hardware on Thursday to finish buying everything.  I had been contemplating going to 10 gage wire due to the distance and finally just did it, ouch $215 for a 250 foot roll.  I also decided that since I was putting all this work in we might as well get a light for the hay area so we can see when we are getting hay for the cows.  All the asundry hardware for that was another $100.  Plus, I threw in another five sticks of conduit.  It was more than I thought I needed but some things are cheaper compared to another trip to town.

I spent the day attaching a light switch box and an outlet box to the wall, everything has to be in a waterproof setting.  I got the overhead light wire pulled and then wired the light in and then attempted to screw the light into the round base with the screws provided.  They were very short screws and did not work!  I climbed down the ladder and resorted to reading the directions for installing the light.  I was desperate and thought the instructions might have a simple fast fix.  Nope, what crazy half baked manufacturer boxes a light with no installation screws!!  Their instructions “mounting screws sold separately”  What is this?  Two stupid screws was all I needed and the job would be done.  I had to leave the light hanging by its wires in the hope that tomorrow I could go to the hardware store, where I purchased the light and find the “sold separately” installation screws.
I didn’t get any conduit laid down in the ditch because it rained most of the day and was miserable.  Luckily, I did all my work in the machine shop out of the rain. 

What manufacturer does this?

two boxes in, light switch and outlet

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