Oh to have fast internet…

We went away for the weekend on a vacation to the Oregon Coast.  One of those vacations where you don’t do anything but rest and relax.  It was very nice.  We ate dinner at one restaurant the “Sea Hag”, everything was made from scratch.  I gained five pounds over the course of four days.  We were supposed to sea the “storm of the century” on the coast, it was a total dud.  Sarah had worse weather at home while she took care of the animals.  The main latch on the sheep doors broke off in the wind and all of our deck furniture was blown off of our front porch.  It took me an hour and a half to unload the car as I had packed for the “storm of the century”.  We could have stayed in the condo for a week with no food, power or water.  We had it all.  I even made Annmarie go to the store so we could have some bleach so we could drink toilet bowl water if necessary.  Doing disaster prep drills at work has really got me into the groove.

I keep trying to get our antenna installed on the roof and it just keeps raining or I cannot coordinate any help.  It is a two man job as I have to crawl onto the roof and a large strong man has to move the 32 foot ladder around to attach the cables.  My nephew is coming out tomorrow, hopefully so we can get that installed.  Once it is in place I can call for the new internet!!  It cannot get here fast enough.

Sarah came out tonight to help me tag and band the sheep.  It got dark before we could finish.  We did 10 babies.  I am truly amazed by how big the babies are this year.  The difference in genetics is amazing.  The babies are huge in comparison to all our previous years.  They are so healthy and bouncy and big!!  I am hoping to get them all tagged by Wednesday evening and then turned loose back into the main herd.  Tonight when I went to feed the sheep I discovered that we had not locked up one of the hay rooms.  There was a foot of loose hay all over the floor.  It took me another 30 minutes to  clean up the mess.  I had to holler at both dogs as they wanted to potty in the hay just like the sheep.  They just didn’t understand why I would not let that happen.
I let the dogs out of the hay room when I was feeding because the ram kept sneaking up behind me.  He never head butted me but I didn’t want to push my luck.  So I let them both out but Zeke kept sneaking up on the ram a foot at a time.  I kept telling him to stay but the ram kept trying to stare Zeke down.  I was trying to get Zeke to stay and the puppy to run in and chase the ram off.  Next thing I know Zeke had had enough of that uppity attitude from the ram and he had him by the head and giving him the what for.  Mouse thought this was the cue to run out and chase sheep, after much yelling and swearing I got both dogs called off the sheep and back into the barn.  Zeke won and is still top dog, like we ever doubted it.

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