Is it a baby?

I got a text yesterday from Annmarie stating that we had a new baby cow. Donna and I had been saying we thought one of the mommas had given birth as her teats looked like someone was suckling but no one ever spotted a baby. Annmarie was driving down the driveway and thought she spotted a cow lump out in the field. She drove around and took a picture, see above.  I could not spot the baby calf in the picture so she had to send me a picture with the calf circled, see below. I spotted the baby on the back hillside tonight frolicking around all the grownup legs. 
Chores at night are taking an hour. I am now able to clean out all four hooves on both horses with no help and no lead line.  I just tell them to lift their legs and give each one a gentle tug. It is a lot easier when they are so compliant. 
We are waiting to run the cows in until the butcher calls. We have necklaces and numbered tags for each cow to wear. The ear tags keep getting ripped out. Hopefully, these necklaces will stay in place. 

It is so warm here that yesterday I had to feed and do chores in a short sleeved shirt. Mika had popped he wooden gate board loose from the corner of the barn. I had to repair it in the rain. I put in four inch longer anchors. I am off by about half an inch so the gate is not perfect. That will require a second person and a redo. 
The weather is truly amazing. 

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