Beautiful winter day

It was an amazing day yesterday. Some winter days are better than summer. Not many but on the rare occasion the weather is perfect, there is no wind and the sun shines. A few winter clothing items make the day amazing. 
I went out and cleaned Mika’s horse area.  Shoveled it all out then used the tractor to clear it all away and make a pile in the lot. Since the sun was melting the snow I took the tractor and cleared the entire driveway.  I am hoping the sun can melt it off before more snow comes. 
I then drive my tractor to town (2 miles) and cleared off the fire station entrance and mom’s driveway.  I had to run to town for ice melt. I got a 50 pound bag each so we would have some on hand. 
The snow kept sheeting off the roof which causes the dogs to jump up off the floor and bark. As if there is an intruder!  The house shakes if the sheet is large enough. 


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