2016 Annual summary

2016 Annual Farm Summary.

 We sold $2025 worth of sheep (33 animals),  $658 worth of eggs, $567 our portion of 3 cows, $295 worth of hay and made no profit on the alpacas at all.  Our total income for 2016 was $3545.  

I have several categories so I will give a brief overview of each one and then my rounded expenses.  I am not going to add them all up so the numbers may not add up to my real total but it will be close enough for record keeping purposes.  There is no other neat way to do this.  It worked last year so I am going to stick with it.  I will add a little more description to the categories in hopes that it will make my life easier next year when I go to add the totals up and figure out which category they go in. It did make it a lot easier to figure out my categories this year.  Annmarie told me I had to separate out all equipment purchases for tax reasons. Luckily we didn’t have any this year. 
ANIMALS: This covers the baby chickens, medicine for the sheep and chickens, bedding, straw, salt and supplements we also bought a new ram in April for $150.  We are also trying a new tagging system on the cows using necklaces $205. Labor to clean out the chicken coop was $100. Total cost: $943 
FEED:  This covers all the chicken food, sheep grain and hay. We purchased 23 ton of hay this year for $2400, $375 for working dog food and $647 in chicken feed  Total cost:  $3422
GENERAL:  This covers the general supplies, gloves, safety gear, nails, clips, hardware for gates, locks for gates, hinges, $26 ammo and $68 safety gear.  Total cost:  $439
EQUIPMENT:  This covers $882 for pickup repair: used tires, new shocks and repair fuel leak and oil change.  $67 for chain saw repair and $112 for weed whacker repair.  Total cost:  $1062
VET:  This covers $181 Zeke vaccines and $216 Mouse vaccines and $800 two cheat grass removals and a neuter for mouse. Total cost:  $1197
TRACTOR/SPRAYER/SPRAY:  This covers the $512 for tractor maintenance at the dealership, $93 for sprayer repair and 
(tractor fuel  24 gallons $61) Total cost:  $667
BUSINESS EXPENSE:  This is for $50 license renewal, $635 for farm insurance we are required to keep now due to number of animals and buildings and $350 new computer programs.  Total cost:  $1035
BARN IMPROVEMENTS:  This is for repairing the barn and any improvements.  
We removed more flooring from the milking area so the horses can be placed under cover and locked in as we also added gates. $90 Supplies and $300 Labor costs to dig out old straw from sheep:  Total cost: $390
FENCING:  This needed its own category.  We have been improving the fencing all over the farm and cross fencing to control our over grazing by the animals.  This covers the posts, wire, railroad ties, gates and labor. We replaced several gates and I purchased wire whenever I found it for a cost of ($1505), labor 
($900).  Total cost: $2405
MACHINE SHOP POWER:  This covers all the materials needed to dig a trench out to the shop and run conduit and wiring.  Total cost:  $689
IRRIGATION: This covers $231 pump improvements, $697 sprinkler heads, $450 pump repair, $51 pump power.  Total cost:  $1429
ALPACA:  We had to sharpen blades and get some more tarps. Total cost: $101
[Total Alpaca lifetime expense is $958]

Expense total:  $13,090 for the entire year.

GRAND TOTAL:  A loss of $9545

That is a pretty accurate number as I was very good about keeping receipts again this year. I think some of my glove receipts went missing. I use up about a dozen pair a year. I had to replace a set of ear muffs for when I run the tractor. I keep them on the steering wheel so there is no excuse not to use them. 

We bought hay as a just in case move and it paid off amazingly!  The winter was long and brutal with tons of snow, worst in at least last 20 years. We fed almost 13 ton of the big bales already. They last longer when feeding the cows than the small bales.  This saved us a ton of effort scrambling around at the last minute to find hay to feed. 

The big project was trying to get internet via satellite. It was a long drawn out failure. The only bright spot was we now have power to the machine shop and a light on the hay area. 

The sheep are doing fantastic. Our new ram is throwing amazing lambs. The only problem is he has developed a superiority complex!  You can pet him but do not turn your back and he may try to run you over at any moment. The dogs are the cure for idiocy. Mouse loves to chase him and put him in his place. 
The cow necklace debacle is not working out. The chains are a little too long. We need to shorten them a few links and give it another try. 
The pickup costs more than planned to fix last year. We still need to get the muffler fixed. It has a huge hole in it. I just didn’t want to spend the money last year. 
The stupid puppy could not figure out how to keep chest grass out of his ears.  We battled it all summer long and the vet won. 
I took the tractor to the dealer for a five year checkup. It was a celebratory visit for paying off the tractor. I am good for another five years. 
This is the year of the alpaca.  I need to construct a shearing table this year for $400.  If we get 25# of hair then we can pay to have it made into yarn. Plus I just got Annmarie a loom!  
It will be an interesting year. 

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