I don’t need any help

The grass is starting to get too tall.  I decided that it was time to break out the tractor mower this weekend. I got the sprayer unhooked and tried to get the mower attached.  It did not want to attach. One point of the three point hitch would not latch. I pried and beat on it. It took me about 45 minutes to get it all attached. I was able to then crawl under the mower. One of the blades was bent and loose. This is what is beating up the metal shell of my mower. I put it on my trailer and managed to get a flat tire on the large back tire of my tractor. I had to take it off and throw it on the trailer also. 
The tractor repair shop was not surprised to see me. I am hard on equipment but I told them I had the mower for over five years!  
The tire place said they would get back to me to tell me if the tire was still any good. 
Tonight when I came home I was filling up my water containers for the upstairs plants when I suddenly noticed a rock chuck playing on my rock wall! My rock wall that I have spent years working on. A Little Rock chuck was running around on the ground then it jumped into a hole in the middle of the wall. It started throwing dirt out of the middle of the rock wall. I started hollering at the window and yelled for AnnMarie. 
She grabbed the 22LR long gun and headed out to the chicken coop. She could get a good angle from there and hopefully to take out my rock wall destroyer.  The little destroyer went back into its hole and hid out. She never got a shot off. This is going to be a big problem if we cannot get rid of it.  

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