Memorial weekend work

The grass on the front hillside is too tall again. We had set up a panel fence but after three days the nephew started digging out the barn and the sheep got loose. They didn’t finish their job and eat the hillside down so I don’t have to break out the whamplidyne weed eater. I used the new weedeater to clear the yard and behind the garden on the back hillside. It cut right through the huge thistles!!  

You can see that the sheep are not done with their job. Gizmo has discovered the joys of sheep pellets. They are kinda like skittles for dogs. He loves them!!  
I wanted to fence all weekend but there is still tiling to be done inside. I did spend half a day moving the straw pile from the barn. The barn is about 25% dug out. There is a lot of straw. 


I did spend half a day trying to finish the tile. I have about three hours of tiling left. I plan on doing that Friday morning. I also wanted to mow with the tractor but when I called they said they had to order parts to repair it and it was not ready. I kinda figured that was going to happen. On the plus side one of my large tractor tires had a leak and they found all three holes and repaired them for free!!  I dropped off my spare trailer tire to be replaced also. It has perpetually leaked and they can never find it. 
The cheatgrass is starting to head out. I really need the mower to whack it all down to ground level. 
The entire area is still green its amazing. 
I used the dogs today to move the sheep. Mouse did better, he did listen mostly. A vast improvement over two weeks ago. 

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