The bull is not with the plan

I have not been able to get back up on the hillside and finish the fence this week. I keep wanting to but other things keep coming up.

These other things should sound important, but they really are not. I really was ready for our living room to start turning back into a usable space and less like a storage room. I managed to get the craft room finished with some effort last week and buffaloed the child into coming over and helping move furniture. Annmarie has been an invalid all week and has managed to sleep the better part of 48 hours straight so she will be no help moving furniture. We got the loom, the cedar chest and the trunk all moved out of the living room. Now we just need to get a book shelf down from the office and the sewing machine from our bedroom installed and the room will be complete. The new paint, new floor and lack of curtains makes the room echo something fierce. I will be installing the curtains tomorrow.

We used colors from a turn of the century palette. So we really do have color in the house now. I used this awesome brown under the stairs and since it was a small area I put it all on with a brush. I usually use a roller or pad. I now know why I use a roller or pad, I have these weird shadows in the paint from changing brush stroke angles. They will not just come out by themselves. I have tried that correction method already, now I need to roll them out. When I attempted to install the door on the closet under the stairs it would not fit. It kept rubbing on the top and hitting on the bottom. I had to use a hand planer to remove about1/8” off the top on the distal half from the hinges. Then I smashed on the lower door casing a few times and ended up taking the door off the wall three times until I had chiseled the hinge joint down enough to allow the door to close unhindered.

This small little endeavor took me three hours to get the door right.

The bull is being a typical male with lots of testosterone and too much spare time. He found a way to get from the bottom pasture into the barn lot last week by going through the creek in the ram pasture. There was an old fence creek crossing that was installed prior to us moving here. He pushed through it and made his way in. Well this week he decided he wanted to go back down with the other cows. This time he tore up the crossing pretty severely getting out. Luckily, the sheep and other cows are just not as motivated as him, none of them have used the crossing. I think even the sheep could pass through the hole now.

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