Hay completed for this year.

I had to work late on Wednesday so I decided to move the straw into the barn. The real problem with this is my $80 toy, it’s in the way. I really need to mount a pulley about 22 feet up near the middle of the roof so I can stand the hay elevator upright to store it. Unfortunately, when you get the “good deal” it always needs some work. I need about three pieces welded and to tighten a section and then run conduit to protect the wires. Now all of this will probably only cost a couple of hundred dollars more. I just don’t have time for it, Winter is coming! This meant rearranging all the hay currently being stored and moving it near the sheep entrance so it can be used first as it is last years hay. So I got all the hay moved and swept out the hay area. There was not a single mouse under the bottom bales. This is fairly unusual for us and hopefully an indicator that we are making headway on our barn mouse problem.

The straw bales are fairly light and were pretty easy to move around. I was having to pull them down then walk six feet and put them into the barn then stack them. After four bales I decided this was wasted energy. I got into the pickup and spent 10 minutes getting the front corner of the trailer within 2 feet of the barn. I then dropped two bales off the side of the trailer to create a bridge and just drug the bales into the barn. This was much more efficient. I ended up moving 5 ton of hay, 714 stones of hay or 10,000 pounds before going to work. It was a good day. Now we just need to not run out of hay this winter.

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