Fencing will never end

Here we are again doing that thing that never ends, fencing. Annmarie called me this morning to tell me that two more lambs were getting rejected and I missed a ewe when I put the sheep in last night. I did put them in during the day time and I did look around the barn lot and did not see any strays. She would like to put the sheep into the ram pasture but I have not fixed the upper fence since I cut it this summer to let the cows out. Annmarie thought I would get to it, I never did and now we need it. It sounds like a broken record concept that I seem to never catch onto. One would think that eventually it would occur to me to stay ahead of it. But there always seems to be some other pressing emergency that takes up my time. At least that’s my perception, I suspect my other half might differ on this view!So I came home early and spent four hours outside working on the fence. I had to make a few crucial decisions to speed up the process. I really needed to add four strands of smooth wire but running all that out is going to take a while to do alone. I have not gotten my hitch mounted wire dispenser yet. Its a $100 I have just not spent. I have researched it and know where I can obtain one via the mail as no one sells it locally. This does not currently help me today. So I opted to install woven wire across the top. This solves multiple problems as I only have to tighten the one woven wire and I can roll it out. I threw out 38 wooden stays and rolled out four rolls of wire. I had to cut a little fence out of the way but managed to only get the uphill side tightened and wooden stays in place. I am hopeful that two more four hour sessions will see me get the fence up and tightened. The real time drag is nailing all the wooden stays up and in place. I am just going to wire in the gate in an attempt to get the fence up and in place. I need to replace one of the wooden posts in the spring as I cannot get the hole dug.

Annmarie ended up with two more bummer lambs. They got to come inside, get warm and get a belly full of formula. Tisha came and picked them up this afternoon. We have moved panels around inside the barn to make more room for the mommas but still leave a passage for the rest of the sheep.

I started painting the upper stairway wall to match the lower half. It is really bringing the whole thing together. I still have one more coat to put on the wall. I have a 12 foot roller extension which lets me paint from the ground. It is so much faster than getting up on a ladder.

This year we are going light on Christmas decorations so that we can move right into the floor remodel this January. I am getting excited about getting the hallway, living room and dining room tiled.

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