Day 11 and I did not die

Since finishing the floor 24 hours ago the ventilation return has become an even worse eyesore than normal. It just stands out and draws your eye right to it. We had been talking about creating a wooden box, then a cabinet then shelves and I had finally settled back on the box idea. We worked on the furniture this morning after trying to clean the floor with our Kirby. It did good on the grout older than 72 hours but the living room was only 48 hours and it started to lift the epoxy grout so we stopped. Mr. Experience spent some time cleaning up the edges of the room. We decided to get the furniture fixed and back into the living room.

Gizmo and Mouse had chewed off the fabric on the bottom of the couches. So we decided to install 3/16 plywood on the bottom and then put some kind of frame on the bottom to keep the dog toys from getting trapped under the couches. There must have been 30 toys stuck under the couches when we moved them. I was just going to build a square frame and lay it on the floor. This idea was vetoed by both involved parties and it was decided we would attach them to the furniture. This took a while to cut them to size and install screw plates inside the bottom of the furniture. We also had to reattach the middle front leg of the couch as it had come unstapled. You do not want to look inside your $1000+ couch and see how much OSB and air is inside your furniture and how little real wood is used.

While Mr Experience was finishing putting the last few screws in the furniture I decided to go out side and get started on the box enclosure for the air intake. I just needed a sheet of Oak plywood from the old house porch. The only problem with this is we have been storing all the plywood and hardiboard for our current project in front of the sheets of plywood I wanted. Also, the sheet I wanted is a full sheet of 3/4 inch oak plywood and it is very heavy. There were over 20 sheets of hardiboard plus multiple sheets of plywood in my way. I knew I just needed to lean them out and then slip out the very heavy sheet I needed. I contemplated getting help from Mr. Experience but shook it off. I attempted to lean out the boards but was unsuccessful due to their weight. I gave it one more try knowing that if they came too far over I would be in trouble. Well I gave a little too much effort and the pile started to come over onto me. I pushed away and leaped backwards. The bad part was I was 3 feet up on a porch and leaped backwards. I landed on the grass head first smashing the back of my head first then shoulders and back. The pile caught my left shin on the way out. I have a large hematoma and scrape. I had a large mass of tissue balled up at the end of the scrape under the skin. I reached up and massaged all the tissue flat and spread out. It did not feel good, but nothing did. I didn’t black out and managed to roll around on the ground and swear for about five minutes before I managed to get up and head into the house. Mr Experience had heard the commotion but just thought it was me yelling at the dogs and convinced himself there was no need to check on me. He went out and straightened out the pile and pulled out the necessary wood. Gizmo had not been able to get to the stove for 3 days and decided that this location was vital to his wellbeing and I would be fine.

We got the box built, screwed and glued together. I will be covering the screws with 3/8 inch dowels. We counter drilled the holes so I could come back and fill them in. Mr Experience told us that we could order a decorative intake. So today we ordered a wooden oak grate cover. It will be here in several weeks and I will stain everything the same color as the stairs. In the mean time I will need to sand down the entire box and fill the holes.

I think I will live but I am very glad I did not get my leg trapped under the pile of wood or I am sure it would have turned out much differently. For now I am able to walk and only have a small limp.

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