Day 14, only 9 days left of vacation

It’s closing in on the end of my vacation. Only 9 days left until I am back at it, I am starting to dream about going back to work just to take a vacation from my vacation! We had to float in the subfloor, the mud filled in all the low spots and valleys. Hopefully this will prevent any tile from breaking by creating a flex point. We pulled out the dishwasher so we could tile under it. Once the tile is in place we will caulk all the wall joints and floor joints. We also ground off the points from the countertop screws. They were sticking down about 1/8 inch. Everything will be smooth to make inserting the dishwasher easier. While we were doing that I decided that we needed to tile the floor of the sink enclosure. So we pulled out all the cleaning supplies and will install tile and seal it off after we get it tiled.

We offset the Hardiboard in an attempt to stiffen the floor. You could see all the separate times that water had leaked all over the floor and damaged the subfloor.

We had to move the safe! This thing weighs over 600# and has steel wheels. We were afraid it would chip the tiles. I went out and cut some wooden coasters for the safe to sit on out of some dry maple wood I had out in the shed. Annmarie had some felt in the craft room that I cut and glued to the bottom of the coasters. We laid down plywood and managed to get it over to its final resting spot. I cut little boards to go between the coasters to allow us to push it onto the coasters. It worked surprisingly well. Now if someone would just open it up and tell us the combination. I am upping the reward to $200! The safe cannot be damaged in any way doing this.

One thought on “Day 14, only 9 days left of vacation

  1. Susan McHenry January 21, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    Have you talked to anyone in law enforcement about the safe? They may have, or know someone who has, skills they don’t publicize 😉


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