Sheep caught up for now

It was time to get back to the house but I had gotten behind on all my other duties. Mr. Experience wanted to see the barn so I decided we might as well tag and band all the babies. We had a whole last batch that needed to be marked. I warned him that these are not normal sheep and behave like jumping beans when they get cornered. I got to try out my new tag/band tray and it worked great! I have the fancy new plastic tote loaded with everything I need and ready to go. I had to run back inside to get rubber bands as they have to live in a temperature controlled environment. We fed everyone first in an attempt to distract them so that Mr Experience could sneak up on the lambs. This did not go so well the first few times. He was surprised when the lambs started flying by his head! They can really jump and is can be very disconcerting if you have never experienced it before. We are on numbers 190 for both the males and females, so we have had over 380 sheep through our property in the last seven years. The last three years have been the big years. We are shooting for 150 lambs a year through the place. We need to have 75 ewes for that to happen. We are almost there.

We tagged and banded the little boy lamb that looks like a wooly sheep. He is weird all around, if you did not know any better you would think that faries replaced him with a poor substitute and the only part they got right was he is a sheep. Genetics are an odd thing, just saying.

We started scrubbing the tile floor in the kitchen with scratchy pads but that coating is on there good. I broke out the Kirby floor cleaner and it was better than doing it by hand but it is not getting everything. Tomorrow we are going to try the carpet brush as it has more friction and hope it can eat through that coating. I primed the dishwasher area and we caulked all the joints and installed the dishwasher! It fit perfectly and no longer moves around in its spot. We also moved the refrigerator back into the kitchen. No more living room late night snacks. We decided that before we could put the door shelves back in place we needed to fix the outlet wire I cut. I crawled under the house and Mr Experience stayed in the kitchen. We attempted to tie the wire strands together so I could pull it down under the house. Nope. Then I broke the wire tape. Ultimately, Mr Experience had to cut the Sheetrock to get the outlet box off the wall to reach down and assist the wire to go to the correct location. This took longer than expected but it does work. Tomorrow we will try out the new cleaning method and clean up outside, we left our mess from last week. We also need to cut some kickboards. I love the new color of white paint we are using. It’s a great lightener and it makes our yellow kitchen cabinets look better.

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