Bull capers

I made it to work this morning and was just getting started when I received a text from one of our neighbors. The Bull was out of our pasture. This is never good as he can wander but more importantly our bull is easily recognizable. I don’t think there is another horned dexter bull that good looking anywhere near here. I knew Annmarie was busy and figured if I ran home immediately I could get him back into the pasture and get back to make my meeting. On the way home I called Mr. Experience to see if he would help me in the hopes that we could do it quickly.

We spotted the bull near four corners out in a neighbors field. The gate was up so I am unclear how he got into the field. Mr. Experience asked me what the bull’s name was I told him “Bully”, so he opened the gate and tried to call “Mr Bully” out through the gate. We don’t have a name for the bull, but we do call him Bully when I am not hollering and calling him not nice names. I thought this was quite humorous. We also drove up the hill to open the upper gate to push him through but at that time he decided to run into the lower wheat field. I drove around and ran from the house side of the field and Mr Experience ran from the far side. I managed to stop the bull and Mr Experience opened a side gate. We had a dominance dance for a few minutes before I managed to get the bull turned around and headed toward the open gate. He ran in and under the fence via the creek crossing. He trotted up to the ladies over by the hay feeders.

We walked the fence lines back down to four corners but never found a hole. I found a broken hanging rock crib, one soft spot that needs a panel and a couple of spots where the top part of the woven wire is no longer stapled into the wooden posts. We could never find a set of his hoof prints outside the fenced area.

As we headed back to the house the bull and his cows were already behind the house and headed to the upper chicken coop near the separated heifers. Mr experience went up there to shoo them away with Zeke. I almost sent him with Mouse but Mouse doesn’t listen as well as Zeke. I had to go inside and change into my mud boots and a coat. When I got up to the creek crossing we discovered that the bull had jumped the fence in one spot. It doesn’t look like he crawled under the creek crossing. We had to lower the fence over the crossing and moved three panels over near the bank to cover the openings. This worked pretty good and kept the bull in place.

We have had to start putting Zeke back on the run again. He has gotten out of the yard the last three days in a row. I think Mr Experience found it under the foot bridge for the gas guys. He has made a slide spot along the mud bank like an alligator would! Yesterday he got out and rolled in alpaca poo. The stuff is sticky and slimy and smells very bad. It will not come out of dog fur with doggie bath detergent. We have to use Dawn soap from the kitchen. Zeke was very clean and flufffy this morning

I had to come inside and change my pants before I could go back to work as I had gotten mud on my tennis shoes and pants. I also had to wash my tennis shoes. This was when I realized I only own five pair of shoes: 1 pair of snow PACS, 1 pair of cheap rubber boots, 1 pair of tennis shoes, 1 pair of dress shoes and 1 pair of slippers. I had to wear my dress shoes to work. I still need some new leather boots for working outside and another pair of slip on business attire shoes. I will have to do the dreaded deed and go shoe shopping. This is infinitely more worse than clothing shopping when it comes to shopping horrors.

One thought on “Bull capers

  1. Laura February 15, 2018 / 3:17 pm

    Post a picture of Mr Bully and his harem.


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