It is really happening

Spring is really here and it is amazing this year. We have a lovely green color growing everywhere. This is not normal for Eastern Oregon and now it is starting to cause me problems. I need to mow and I need to spray weeds. Correction, I needed to spray weeds three weeks ago. I ordered the parts for the tractor mower last week so hopefully they will be in by Friday so I can actually mow this holiday weekend. I will be doing the typical farmer holiday and working frantically every day to play catch up before I go back to the paying job on Tuesday. I really want to get the bull enclosure worked up. I would like to be 60% complete by the end of the weekend.

I just love looking out our back kitchen window or our living room and being able to watch the sheep wander and play. It is very relaxing. At 0300, when the bedroom window is letting in all their hollering for momma I am not near as magnanimous.

While Annmarie and I go to work every day, Mr Experience and Muscles have been working on floor and window trim. It is so painfully slow, it just makes my pocket book ache! Every time I think about it I remind myself that it took me 2 days just to do 3 windows and nothing else. It helps put things into perspective. I am going to have to make another bank run.

The realist in me realizes I simply do not have the time. For this project to get done I need to pony up the cash! My time is more valuable than my money. Plus every day when we come home the house looks better. It looks good!! I complain about the money but by the time we are done with our entire remodel we will only have about $85-90/sq ft into the house. In the current housing market this is not even obtainable and we have used items with longevity and style reminiscent of our turn of the century home. So I need to be grateful and just pony up the cash!

It looks amazing. Not to take away from the house but my pullets keep dying. I had another three die this week. I think it is that virus that I get every spring. I think the ducks bring it onto the property but it only usually affects 6-8 chickens every year and mostly the new ones at that.

Our house truly is at the end of a rainbow. A home is made by love and hard work. I truly do love where we are now and how things have turned out in our lives. We are where we need to be.

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