Bottleneck in progress

In an attempt to eat more vegetables I added tomatoes to my breakfast fry. I do know that tomatoes are technically a fruit but some fruit with my starch and protein is better than no fruit. It’s fresh yukon gold potatoes, fresh onion, fresh garlic, fresh jalapeño, home grown ham all fried in bacon grease with some Slap yo Mamma seasoning and some tomatoes. It turned out quite nice. Annmarie did the morning barn run and reported only one new baby, a single.

So we have now had three singles born this batch. We have lost track of how many ewes have given birth and will need to do a count soon so we can predict when we will need to move the internal barn wall.

Our new weather station is looking pretty good! It is still not visible on Weather Underground so Annmarie will have to do some troubleshooting. We can see it and that is the most important part.

We had an odd request come through the blog. There is a person from Nigeria that wanted to use our chicken tracker but asked if we could do “crates” of eggs (30 in a crate) and feed in Kilograms and $ sign in Nigerian symbol. Well Annmarie went up to the computer and had it all converted and done with feed in grams per egg as an added bonus. It only took her 15 minutes and it now lives on our Blog. So anyone else from any other country that needs a slight adjustment to the chicken tracker let us know!

I tried to get all the babies into one area tonight to get a picture. I was unsuccessful. Care to guess how many babies are in the picture below? No cheating, give it a try first before I give the answer. Chores at night take an hour and we had to buy a hammer to break the ice now that it is actually getting cold.

There are 17 babies in the picture.

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