Lambing update

Annmarie has been holding down the fort while I was off training all weekend. The sheep did not listen to instructions. I told them on Friday that they needed to have all their babies over the weekend so when Annmarie goes back to work they would be done birthing. They did not listen. We only had four ewes give birth over the weekend. It was enough to throw us past the 50% mark. So Annmarie chased all the pregnant ewes out of the barn and moved all the nursing ewes and babies over into the larger penned off area in the barn. Now the pregnant ewes have the smaller area. We had two more singles born, another triplet and a twin. She had to bring in the smallest triplet and feed it in the house. All the new lambs got dosed with Selenium paste and seem to be doing well. She tossed them in with the baby herd they are just missing tags and bands. We will wait till next weekend to tag and band again. Before anyone can go into the baby area they will need to be dosed with Selenium. This way we can track who has had medicine.

The babies have discovered that they can crawl into the wall feeders and it makes them 10″ taller than everyone else! This is a great dominance game so they are now jumping in and out of the feeders to establish a pecking order.

Tisha came and got the third bummer, he was a little boy and after selenium, food and some warmth he was able to walk around the house some. He will be in good hands.

You cannot count 19 ewes in this picture but it is almost all of the pregnant mothers. We have 2-3 favorite ewes in here. We would really like to keep the babies from our old lead ewe “#1”, our old solid brown ewe and the one in the bottom left corner of this picture. They are all hand tame and their babies are always super calm and grow up to be very calm ewes. Two of those ewes are old and skinny and may not survive another year. They are so skinny! We are feeding so much that the younger ewes are still very fat even after giving birth. So next year we may have to set up a special feed area just for them so we can give supplemental feed.

Our current numbers are as follows:

1 death

3 bummers

7 singles

12 twins

3 triplets

21 ewes birthed

19 pregnant ewes pending birth

30 lambs dosed, tagged and banded

6 lambs selenium dosed

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