Almost 75% done lambing

We keep thinking we are closing in on being done but the sheep are dragging it out. After tonight we have 11 ewes still to give birth out of 40. Every day we get one more ewe. I had three tonight that look like their sides are going to split open. They are almost as wide as they are long.

Annmarie flipped me a lot of flack over my last post. I did not feel well and she said I failed to capture any humor and kept repeating myself. After sleeping for 14 hours and rereading my post I did notice a prolific amount of repetitive statements. So in the interest of appearing to have an interesting life I am going to attempt to be an engaging author tonight. I am not saying that this is possible every time because in all reality it is not. Sometimes I think my success at the blog as far as sticking with it is because I do refuse to quit. I do just keep after it. Annmarie tells me I can not post or do it later but I know if I don’t keep after it I may stop or just limit my post to the occasional humorous story. Fifty years from now when our relatives are reading this blog and looking at the pictures and the books we have made of each year (which Annmarie has to catch up on) they will know what has happened in our lifetime, our trials and tribulations, the minutia and the cost of running a farm. We were able to save a lot of pictures and knowledge but there are still mysteries we keep discovering. I would like future generations to know what happened while we were stewards of the farm. Three years ago, Annmarie brought home some large used gunny sacks from coffee bean storage to use out in the barn. I had grand plans to make removable frames and stretch them over the frames to keep the barn warmer in the winter. Today I finally just put them over the wire panels I have over the windows. The barn already gets several degrees warmer just from shutting it up the gunny sacks will help. Installing the large window will make the biggest change and I really want to do that next year.

We had another single baby born yesterday during the day. This morning Annmarie discovered another very large single baby and tonight I found another set of twins. The twins were still wet and the ewe had not passed the placenta yet. I watched both lambs nurse before I used the lambs as bait to lure the new momma into her own private area. I did not dose the babies with selenium paste, when they are that new we try not to mess with them a lot until the momma is well bonded. She was very attentive to both lambs.

As I made my way out to the lamb shed to feed the ram I started looking around and my head lamp kept spotting eyes all over the place watching me! I chased two deer away trying to discover if they were coyotes. Three different cats from various buildings or near the creek tried to creep up on me. Its kinda spooky! If we could have two ewes give birth every day by Sunday afternoon we could tag and band and almost be done with the whole lambing season. I will redo the count but again, a disclaimer, until we do the next tag and band session and do a physical count these numbers are mere educated guesses.

Our current numbers are as follows:

1 death

4 bummers

12 singles

14 twins

3 triplets

29 ewes birthed

11pregnant ewes pending birth

30 lambs dosed, tagged and banded

12 babies dosed only

2 babies just born

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