Fencing progress

Tex came out on Saturday for day three and we worked on the barn lot fence. Tex just kept setting posts and more posts. It was a sight to behold. We got all the barn lot posts set for the first flower area and the sheep side barn lot.

The first flower area will be watered and the sheep will not be able to enter! Our goal is to set a flower area that can be used by honey bees. We are going to set another area to the left of this one but it will not be watered.

Annmarie questioned my use of posts. She told our child that since she was not involved in the planning she was not going to take any credit. I think it is going to look great and we will have a nice gate to go in and out of the barn lot through.

This is going to be our dry flower area. I have the flat area across the spring and that is where we are going to put the bee boxes. We are looking at flow hives. I need to make sure and provide water access from the ram orchard now that we have fenced off the back runoff creek.

The final product is going to be very cool. We made great progress and I am looking forward to finishing on Sunday. We just need to haul rocks for the two rock cribs and then string wire. I think we have a real shot at finishing.

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