No schematics necessary

Tex and I started in on the fencing today with the intention of making great progress. I grabbed a roll of smooth wire and a bucket of gravel with the tractor and headed back to the job site. I started down the path to the bridge on the tractor but I only had the auger on the back of the tractor for counter weight. Next thing I know I am on two wheels of the opposing sides. I dumped the bucket quickly, dropped the wire into the water and managed to get the tractor to fall back onto all four tires. I dumped the gravel off where Tex was working and proceeded to go back and tear into the hillside. My previous path was not level and led me to almost tip sideways. I made sure to keep at it until I had a nice path that was safe to go up and down in the tractor on.

Meathead is going to start helping me so I also created a flat spot up on the hill and we are going to fill it with 200+# rocks. Again I am hoping to keep some dirt on the hillside so we can get some vegetation to grow. I also started digging a trench under the eaves of the roof. Unfortunately, I cannot dig very deep as there is a rock ledge just under the soil. I still managed to get 6-10 inches dug out and now need to fill it with gravel.

Tex managed to get all the posts set in gravel before lunch time. Now we need to make the H braces and start putting up wire. A rain storm started to go through so we called it lunch time. I don’t think Tex would have stopped for a “little bit of rain”. We don’t have rain like Texas.

We got the boards across the spring and just need to start hanging panels. The new crossing does it in a place in the spring where the water bottom is gravel. The old crossing has a 1.5 foot hole running through it. We wanted to avoid trying to block off the hole from sheep.

We added a new gate into the momma area. The sheep always ball up at this end of the pen so we added a gate to allow them to easily leave. I think it will be very helpful to getting them in and out of the barn and sorted. Today we installed one railroad tie, I hung the gate then Tex installed the second post to allow for a good tight fitting gate. This worked very well both times we installed gates today’s.

I found this laying on the ground, protected from predators. I drilled a hole in it and mounted it on the fence. Hopefully, we find the rest of the heads floating around will get them mounted also.

Tex is all ready to go in the morning. We knocked off early so I could spend some time with Annmarie today.

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