Honey do list

Well I had a whole list built up in my mind about what we were going to accomplish over the weekend. This did not come to fruition as the wife had other ideas. Not only did she have other ideas but she was frustrated enough to demand a “honey do list day”. I don’t get these very often and I try to avoid them (as do most men if they are honest) but it was happening so I opted to just roll with the punches.

I started the day with a full cup of coffee and when Hoss showed up we dug right into the list. The front yard sprinklers are throwing water too far out into the driveway so we moved them down the hill another 6-8 feet. This did require us to lower two more T-posts with the grinder.

Next on the list was moving the woven electric fence from the orchard (it has only been there for the last 4 years) and into our front yard. The plan was to install it on the hillside, next to the front spring to stop the dogs from going on the front hillside. We are watering the front hillside until it turns green then I am going to kill it with Roundup. We want to do that twice this summer then plant clover seed this fall. We are hoping the clover will get established and choke out any other weed.

Once that fence was in we fired up the chain saw and cut down the volunteer trees growing from the exposed roots. This prompted me to start trimming some of the low branches on the big trees. We had only been at it about 20 minutes when the wife came out and declared that task was not on her list! Technically, it was not on her list, but the sprinklers were and this would make the sprinklers cover more ground by removing the low hanging branches. This argument did not work and we quit cutting down branches and just tossed the downed branches over the fence to the sheep.

We now have four ewes living in the orchard. Number One Ewe is so pregnant that earlier in the week when Annmarie was moving them back to the ram pasture at night old number one just gave up, laid down on the ground, neck laid out and refused to move. So now she and three of our oldest ewes are in the orchard away from the main herd so they don’t have to run up and down the whole length of the farm every day. She is getting old and skinny, it looks like she is carrying twins again!

We went to the old house next and cleaned off the porch and put away about 50% of the tools laying around. Getting everything off of the old house porch took longer than I expected. We had a lot of parts and pieces of old hardiboard from the downstairs floor. I tossed out all of it but the four intact full sheets.

I was able to set up the radial arm saw so that I can just open the side door on the building and extend out the support arm and cut long boards. So not only is it no longer on our front porch but it is still usable!

The front porch now looks like a front porch. Annmarie is thinking about refinishing the wooden chairs and repainting the front fence and painting the bridge! I am all for it.

Hoss and I also went down and planted two new trees for my mother in law and cleaned out the weeds away from two other trees that have cow panels around them. I managed to hit myself in the head with the T post driver. It does not feel good. I did not see stars or have to take a knee.

Annmarie and I went to the farm supply store one day sale to get fencing materials for the upper prime squared pasture. I think I am going to ask Annmarie to burn a map onto a piece of wood of all the different fields and add their name to them! She doesn’t agree with me on all the names.

After dinner I went out to the 7 acre field and started trying to clear out the dead Sumack branches along the field. I started by pushing them up the bank but after about 50 yards I realized I was creating an impenetrable wall! So I started dragging the branches down off the berm and making one big pile. I was told today that it would go faster if I rented a small backhoe with a grapple. I believe this to be a true statement but it costs several hundred dollars and I would only get 8 hours of engine run time. My tractor works I just have to break up the sumack with the bucket and go over the same spot several times. So I am sticking with the already paid for version of cleanup. This will take me about another 25 hours to get done. It’s already too dry to burn so I will end up making 3-4 large piles on the edge of the field and will burn them this winter or next spring. This may mean I can only plant about 5 of the 7 acres this fall.

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