Bathroom planning

I went out this morning to do chores in the barn and discovered a two new lambs.  The only real problem with this is I spotted another ewe with her water sack hanging out.  I tried to get everyone else out of the barn and keep the new momma and her in the barn.  She panicked and leaped past me and out with the main herd.  I tried to corral the new momma and babies under the stairs by grabbing both babies and sticking them under the stairs, but every time I turned to leave one of the lambs kept following me out.  The other lamb could hardly stand so I wanted her in a confined space so it could have a chance to nurse.  I finally managed to get her confined and then set a timer for two hours to come back out and check on the twins and see if I could spot the water ewe.  I was wondering if the weak twin was really the water ewe’s baby, but the other ewe took both babies so I was unsure.  Most of our sheep will not take a stranger’s baby, except for #1 ewe, she will nurse anything.  I went inside to start doing more planning on the upstairs bathroom.


I went upstairs to draw on the wall.  Annmarie and I looked at it last night and decided that at a bare minimum I was going to have to move the light location above the mirror, maybe a power outlet also.  So I figured I better draw it all out on the wall so I could see where everything goes and make sure it would all fit.  I do need to move the light over the mirror.  Luckily, its not very far so I won’t have to run new wire.


When Annmarie, got back from church we went out to the barn to check on the sheep.  I was pleasantly surprised when we looked under the stairs.  Annmarie said there were triplets!!  I had to look as I didn’t believe her.  I had pictures to prove that there was only two when I left two hours earlier.





I went back upstairs to do more planning.  I hate planning but at this point I need to get it all down on paper and cemented in my brain so I can get a seamless install.  I moved the light box and started to look at how to alter the dresser to accommodate plumbing and a new granite top.  Annmarie helped me trace out the top of the dresser design onto plastic and then we went downstairs and ordered the sink, drain and picked out our single hole faucet.  We had to email an inquiry about the faucet as it is not in stock in most stores we found.  We want to get the sink and the faucet here and I want to get the countertop ordered so they have time to finish it as the front and sides are scalloped gently.

I am going to have to alter the top drawer so the we can use half of the drawer and move out and in easily.  I am going to have to buy a few pieces of finish wood to get the drawer redone.  I will be gluing, screwing and using finish nails to get the pieces in nice and tight.

When we fed the sheep and locked them in at night we did not have any new babies and there were still only triplets under the stairs.  All three triplets are girls and they are all doing well and nursing.  We will keep all three as replacements for our herd.  We also just ordered an ear not her so we can start marking ewes to cull.  We are going to start swapping out some of the older ewes.

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