Forever Friday 21/42 halfway mark accomplished

I did it, I made it to the halfway mark! This has been an amazing rest and I am getting lots of stuff done. The best part is I hardly think about my paying job!

I posted the below picture to show why it is that the quail survive. There are over 23 quail in this picture. They come out every evening and eat on our back hillside and we watch them from the kitchen window, look dead center and just below midline for them.

I started out the day with coffee on the front porch. I then cooked a potatoe egg scramble for breakfast and then went out to put the tractor tire back on. I had managed to go to the auto parts store yesterday while killing time and got the bolt that fell out for the tailgate strap on the passenger side. I of course broke the first one off in the hole and had to use an Easy out to get it out and then installed the second one with a ratchet instead of a battery impact hammer. Who could of guessed that outcome? The impact hammer was just sitting there begging to be used.

I did go install the tractor tire, moved it then retightened the lug nuts. the sheep came up on their own so I let them into the upper pastures to eat. There is more green grass in the upper pastures. The back creek stopped last week but the upper pastures are still about 50% green from subterranean water.

I had the box blade on the tractor so I drug some new paths for new and improved fence lines. Annmarie has pointed out that the cows and sheep do not want to go through a gate in the middle of a fence. I am reworking the fence line to make a V like shape toward the gate so the animals will be funneled toward where they need to go. I am unsure why I did not think of this the first time. It was probably due to my love of straight lines and 90 degree angles. This will help and honestly it is not very much more effort to make the changes now as most of the fence has been destroyed.

I parked the box blade and installed the auger and noted that I was probably the last one to use it as the shear bolt was broken and one of the bolts holding the auger on to the shaft was bent and missing a nut. It took me two hours and a trip to the hardware store to get everything and to cut the shear pin head and beat it out with my new flat punches I just ordered and received!

I am slowly cleaning up the machine shed and making sure that all new parts go into the appropriate labeled bin. Each piece of equipment has a large bin and all new parts for that machine go in the correct bin. This keeps me from losing or mixing stuff up.

I moved the new compressor out to the machine shed, blew out the dirt from the tractor, added hydraulic fluid and fueled the tractor. I have a hydraulic leak from the pto takeoff under the tractor. It’s for a deck mower that I don’t have and will never use, but the leak is making me crazy. We have added hydraulic fluid twice this year already. I may have to get it fixed.

I went out and started to drill post holes with the auger. I have a new center piece and new teeth as of this spring and boy can you tell I have all new parts! The thing works great, I was able to dig six holes completely and start six more. I went back and filled those six holes with water and will do the same thing first thing in the morning. Once the water is in place I will clean out the completed holes with a hand post hole digger. I may even set some posts and refill the water a third time before trying to dig out those holes. I have five more holes to start but I need to run some string out before I do that so my holes all line up. I am hopeful I can get six posts set and all the holes dug tomorrow. If I can do that then I should be able to get the rock cribs built on one day and ready for rocks. The rock part alone will take 2-3 days to fill them all. I am hoping to be done with fencing in seven days. We will see.

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