Forever Friday 25/45 correction, we all make mistakes

It has been pointed out to me recently, last night, that I may have miscounted how many days off from work I was taking. In my defense I am taking five weeks of PTO, but to the dismay of those covering for me I will have been gone 6.5 weeks. In my defense I was mostly just counting how many days of pto I was going to take and not how many they were going to have to cover. So to correct this grievous error I have updated my Forever Friday count to the 45, not 44, days that I will have been gone and working on the farm.

I spent about 6 hours outside on Sunday, wearing a N95 the entire time due to the smoke. This caused me to decrease my fluid intake, even coffee! It’s painful to pull down the mask, drink,, wipe your lips and replace the mask. My solution was to just not eat or drink anything, to skip lunch and just keep working. It took me over two hours just to dig three post holes with tractor and breaker bar. September is really not the most ideal time to be building fence in a climate that has had no rain for over two months. I have managed to get 19 of 21 railroad tie posts set in the ground in gravel. I only have two left and I am sure that the one opposite the gate I need to install will need to be moved over another eight inches to meet the gate. This means more hand digging, so I am saving that section of the fence for last.

I am now ready to go purchase a 8 foot & 6 foot gate and a bunch of cow panels to make the crossings. I have enough cable on hand and this time I am going to make the H braces using high tension wire and tensioning spools. I think it will go faster and make for a more adjustable brace. I am going to experiment and see how they do.

I just kept working and working until I finally was just spent. This caused me to need to go inside and wolf down some cottage cheese and tomatoes so I could make it through my shower. After dinner, I laid on the couch and was headed to bed by 2030. I had so much muscle fatigue and strain that in my sleep all of my muscles kept getting spasms. I ended up on the couch so Annmarie could sleep! I slept like a baby on the couch and didn’t wake up until 0430 then was back asleep until 0630. I vowed that on Monday I would do no physical labor. I need a break from that thing called manual labor.

Instead I drove to the Tricities to pickup Annmarie’s Bernina sewing machine she had dropped off for a service and repair. We have to now drive 90 miles to get the sewing machine serviced. They did it for a reasonable price. I did no manual labor on Monday and will be back at it tomorrow. My goal tomorrow is to build rock cribs and start putting up wire and horizontal boards. I need to get this done so I can get onto the momma/baby area next.

Today we spotted two separate covey of quail on the place of about 25 birds in each covey. We are going to see if they will stick around the house if we feed them. We have decided to start feeding the on the front hillside. I did place the little gnome doors against our rock walls out front. I definitely need to be more accurate when mixing epoxy, the backs are still a little sticky. My eyeballing it methods are not working and are being disparaged. They may be accurate also!

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