Forever Friday 34/45

We are quickly approaching the end of my Forever fridays, I am ready for them to be over. I still need to get more stuff done but work is a better mental stimulator. See broken fence, fix fence is necessary but not a lot of strain on my brain. Don’t get me wrong it needs to be done and I recognize that I just have not had so much time off in many years and it is different getting adjusted to not working. Bottom line, I like my job and I like farming but I like my job better and farming gives me the outlet to continue liking my job, complicated but true.

On Tuesday, I worked on the fence some more. I want to get it done but I am down to the little things and I am just not as good at the finish stage as I am at the tear it up and slap it together stage. I finished cleaning up the spring bed and had to move the cattle panels around with the tractor to get them in place. I just could not get them to go together and I finally gave up and disconnected them and reinstalled them one panel at a time. I had the tractor hold the panel in place then I got down and manipulated the panel into place. I just need to install a little bit of ranch panel to keep the sheep in over the large metal cow panels. After that, I mounted the windmill again, this time I moved it so it will not get affected by another flood. Basically, it ended up at my fourth choice because the first one flooded and the other two choices I drilled holes for trees which would get in the way eventually. I wanted a spot I could leave it undisturbed for a few more years. I applied a bunch of new grease to the wheel. It was totally dry but still turning. The wind and on top of the barn now only turns when the wind starts to pick up but I am not crawling 30 feet into the air on top of a metal roof just to grease the windvane. The little windmill is on a pole that I can pivot and lower, grease it and put it back up in under ten minutes. The pole is an old cedar electrical post from when they had knob and tube strung out to the barn. It’s probably over 80 years old and now that it is no longer touching the ground I am hoping to get another 50 years out of it!

The last thing I did was put the last rock crib sides on. This was the last rock crib that needed to be built. I even got two sides lined with wire. Once the last side is done I will be filling it with rocks. This crib needs to be the next one I fill. I have three left to fill, this one is the smallest and the closest to the spring channel. I also hand watered all the new plants in the flower garden. They all look pretty good. I turned on the sprinkler also.

I had a late start on Wednesday but I got the new plants in the lavender garden onto the drip system. I just need to make sure to keep the overhead sprinkler going on the flower garden plants. The drip system plants will do just fine. I am deciding whether to go to a drip system in the flower garden, but I think it will get torn out when the area floods. I am going to wait and see how it goes with the weeds next year and decide then. I picked up all my tools and garden tools and started to put them away. We are supposed to get half an inch of rain in the next three days. I am unsure what day it will arrive as the day keeps changing. I had four bags of concrete that I moved into the machine shed. When it rains I will work on organizing the machine shed and completing the wiring I started last fall. I also need to spread straw out in the barn and get it ready for animals. My last task for the day was to move the pickup and trailer over into the ram pasture. I spent the last week building a new dirt entry into the field but it is made up solely of dirt that I have compressed with the tractor. Unfortunately it has never had rain on it and in places it is almost three feet deep, I am afraid the rain will turn it into one big mud pile.

My mother gave me a haircut today and accidentally dropped the blade cover then made a first pass on my hair. I did not want a divot in my hair so I just had her cut it all the same length. It is short! I also need a little sun on my head!

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