2020 Annual Farm Summary

I am unsure where to begin, 2020 was a very different year when you include Covid 19 and 100+ year flood levels on the farm. We had horrible spring flooding that ended up tearing up every single cross fence on the entire farm. It destroyed the sorting areas we had set up in the barn lot and tore out entire sections of fence, washed away two bridges and tore out two culverts. This was a huge blow to our annual summer plans, it washed away the first cutting of hay and left mud and debris all along the entire bottom fields making them not usable for hay. All the hay equipment won’t do any good if there is no hay to cut. Most of our expenses were for gates and fencing to repair the flood damage. As always the IRS is dictating our categories:

INCOME: $10,061

Sheep sold 70 lambs & 28 cull ewes for $5600

Eggs sold $425

Cows sold 8 cows (2/3 of profit) $4036

EXPENSES: $32,565

Truck = $0

Chemicals = $1492 with the wet spring we had to just keep spraying to try and control all the weeds

Conservation = $0

Custom Hire = $0

Depreciation = $0

Animals = $954

Feed = $5800 = cats $171, dogs $545, Chickens $677, Sheep $383, cows $3945

Fertilizer = $0

Freight/trucking = $0

Gasoline/Oil/Fuel = $569, tractor fuel cost $388 using 166 gallons and I only use 5 gallon cans!

Interest on Loan Equip = $0

Insurance = $1947

Rent/Lease vehicles machinery/equip = $0

Repairs & Maintenance = $5420, Tractor $1766, sprayer $400, truck $1574, side by side $ 153, water pump $1400

Seeds/plants = $936, flood washed away most of the seed

Supplies = $14,578, gloves $220, lavender water $798, 10 yds gravel $195

Taxes = $0

Utilities = $50

Vet/Breeding/Medicine = $818

Purchased Animals = $0

Total for 2020 was a loss of $22,503. The flooding cost us about $15,000. It is not covered under our insurance and it needed to be fixed so we can move the animals. We built in break points along the front spring so if it floods again we only have to replace a few posts and nothing else. It would have been a great year without the flooding.

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