Need some more storage or do we?

The plan to convert the old house into an office is taking shape quickly. One of the things I realized is that we have a lot of other stuff in the old house. It has started to collect things. To combat this they need a new home. Now I could get rid of some stuff and we will look at everything hard before moving it out to its new home. There is a lot of space in the old chicken coop, it just needs to be cleaned up. To do that I need some help as a lot of items are long and its a pretty daunting task. I have a new helper today, it’s his first day. I have started having them pack their own lunch, bring water, appropriate boots, gloves and pants. This helps set some expectations and less for me to think about, not everyone appreciates my culinary tastes. The first day is always a dance, will it work out? What name are they going to earn for the blog? Will they keep returning?

I went in and picked him up as his mother was busy working. This did get me in some hot water at home though as I was bribed with a Dutch Bros Coffee and when I got home the wife wanted to know why I did not get her one! I quickly threw my benefactor under the bus and explained that I did not go into town and get a coffee solely for myself. This seemed to mollify the lovely half.

He proceeded to pick up trash in the yard and pick up all of the loose branches and lumber laying about. I ripped the edges off of some tongue and groove boards so we can make the magnetic screens for the bathroom. I will finish cutting those soon and then work on getting them constructed so that Annmarie can get the fabric screens installed. It is the last thing we need to do in the upstairs bathroom except for the toilet paper holder and hand towel holder, both of those were ordered a month ago but have not arrived yet. While we were working and I had to dig around in the old house for a skilsaw, I realized that we needed a storage space for most of the stuff in the old house. I had visions of building a freezer room on the backside of the old house but today realized that all of our freezers can fit in the old kitchen. I just need to level the room by adjusting out the built in slant on the floor and wiring in three separate breakers.

We went out to the old chicken coop and we started to just go through all of the old wood piles. I had sorted them 12 years ago and kept too much scrap wood. I had little pieces of 1×1 feet, not sure what I was going to do with anything this small. The helper stuck with it and kept working. This is the first problem that usually pops up, they don’t work. He kept at it and the room was dirty! Lots of sawdust from the ceiling and walls and cobwebs everywhere. I was told that he may not like spiders but we have them everywhere so a little exposure was needed. We finally had to use a shovel to empty out the dirt, sawdust and mess from the floor as the push broom could not handle the volume. My helper kept surreptitiously pulling his new pants up every few minutes until he uttered the following words “I need a belt bad”, a name was born, Mr I Need a Belt Bad! We found an old stick lighter that still had fuel in it and it worked. We ended up starting a fire and burning all of the small pieces of wood.

After lunch we moved two more piles of wood, by the second pile I was wearing down and Mr I Need a Belt Bad was dragging, he was tired! This doesn’t mean anything as there was still work to be done. We moved two huge old 6×6 barn beams that were rotten. I am unsure why I kept them as they were really rotten. But they ended up on the burn pile and went up in flames nicely. We got pretty much everything cleaned up, the only thing left is the small grain room floor needs to be shoveled and swept. I also need to get some shelves to install and move some infrequently used stuff from the old house out. I think we can be done in another couple of hours.

Mr I Need a Belt Bad was so tired he was only able to carry a single piece of maple back to our house. I carried four pieces. He was super excited to get paid, he earned it and will be back next week on Saturday to tackle the yard. The rain we got today totally hampered any lawn mowing.

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