Winter is coming

It was time I use that fancy welder I purchased last year to actually make something. It has been almost two years since I took the welding class so I had to practice and get up to speed on a few things. I love my new welding hood, I especially love the grinding setting on the glass so it doesn’t darken when you are using the grinder. The only real problem with this is you have to remember to turn it to weld before you set that first arc or it is very bright! I only did that once this time. I had to replace the upright square tubing for the seeder aperture controller. A couple of years ago I kinked it by lifting it into the back of the tractor. It vibrated in half yesterday and needed to be repaired ASAP as I was getting ready to plant all weekend. I went to the local scrap/fabrication yard and picked up 2’ of 1.25” square thick walled tubing for $10. While I was there I scored some more large bale hay! A true miracle in this year of low hay yields. I will be picking up the hay as soon as I get the grass seed planted. I went home, ground the old part apart, prepped the tubing and got the welder to work! I was able to weld it, I still need more practice, I burned through the pipe on one side and then had to go back and fill it in. I only had rust paint available, I tried black first but the nozzle was plugged.

Mr Rainman has been coming out for the last three days and prepping fields. I had visions of spending this weekend planting and I think it is going to happen. I was able to plant about 1.5 acres of Triticale today and one acre of grass. I have been planting the difficult areas first. It took me most of the day to get the cultivator dialed in and working the way I want it to. I should have the aperture opening adjusted for grass by tomorrow. Once I have that in place then Mr Rainman can plant all day Monday and Tuesday. I will have to pick it up again on Wednesday. My seed order from PGG did not come in yet, I had some leftover (double recommended #) and I purchased some more locally. I want to use the PGG grass on the large 7 acre field out by the road. The weather channel says it is going to freeze this week. The planted fields done with the cultivator look good.

The sheep are just not with the plan. We should be having lambs dropping out everywhere and we have had one set of twins just born in the last two weeks. Mr Rainman and I will tag and band them all in the morning. They are just eating hay and doing nothing most of the time.

Our local wheat fields were planted last weekend with Club wheat. The Club variety seems to do well in our soil and it is fetching a very nice price.

The plumbing hole down at the mother in law’s house is covered. I just need to go down and finish cleaning up around the area.

The Kubota tractor got its first oil change today, it already has 140 hours on it! Mr Rainman worked on smoothing out the fields and removing organic matter while I used the green tractor to plant grass seeds. I managed to break off a bolt that I had tightened yesterday and then I proceeded to break the angle adjuster on the seed hopper. I stripped the threads, I took it off to try and get it back together and realized that I could have moved it an inch forward by changing bolt hole, I didn’t know I could do that. When the new one comes I will hook it up correctly for the type of use it sees on the farm.

The front porch still needs those last boards installed, I just picked up the column trim this week and the gates need to be hung to keep all four legged critters off of our deck. The quail are all over the farm. Saying there are over 200 is no exaggeration. I am hoping the winter is perfect and the quail all make it through. We could have a real bunch of them by next year.

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