Planting has begun

Well we made some progress! Mr Professional came out for three days and between me prepping fields and him planting them we were finally able to get some grass seed planted. I had a 200# leftover from last year so we are getting that all in the ground. I went on Friday to pick up some triticale seed so we could get it in the ground. There is about five acres that need triticale but the seed place did not have it in. They said that an order had been placed two months prior but they were having trouble getting it into 50# bags. I told her I needed to have the seed in the ground before this upcoming Saturday as there was rain coming. She knew this and said if necessary they will break out a 2000# tote and scoop out 400#. So one way or another I am hopeful that I can get it the ground in time. If it rains on Saturday then we can switch to granular fertilizer and get that on the ground. Working all the time did not give me a lot of time to prep the fields.

We even managed to do a little animal management. We ran all of the sheep into the barn and medicated every one of them for worms. We ended up sorting off all of the lambs, the youngest are over three months old and can be weaned. We moved 31 lambs to lower pasture plus the 8 lambs that are already there and one of the 31 is leftover and is ready for slaughter. We have 16 super skinny ewes and 30 normal size ewes. Most of the super skinny ewes are our older ones, so moving the lambs off of them, giving them wormer and moving them into the upper greener pastures should hopefully fix some of the skinny. We still need to move the feeders into the barn and toss out some straw onto the ground.

I have been washing laundry every night. I come in at dark covered in dust and just shed my clothes in the laundry room and dash for the shower. I have even been washing my hat every night. There is so much dust I have even been wearing an N95 while working the soil. I actually feel better at night if I wear the mask during the day. I had to go down and clear out one of the creek crossings and get it ready for the spring floods. It is miserable digging the wire and panels out of the ditch and trying to get it set back up so the water can flow under it. Somehow I ended up splitting the finger on my glove. I was super glad I had the gloves on as if I had not I think I would have needed stitches. I tore up my shirt and pants doing the clean up so I just tore off a strip of shirt and wrapped it around my fingertip to get the bleeding to stop.

The pickup battery is dead. I cannot remember when I had it replaced last but I feel it was not that long ago. We got the battery charged up but then I went and left the glove box open. It of course has a little light in it and burned up all the charge I had managed to get onto the battery. It is back on the charger again.

I was fortunate to have my nephew’s young daughter help me get the sheep in one evening! He had talked to me about making her little mobile car go faster with a DeWalt battery. So I showed her how to drive the tractor and let her drive. She is five years old. We used the tractor to bring in the sheep then went to collect the eggs. The puppy, Chance, got out of the yard and spent ten minutes ignoring me and running around. The puppy made me look bad! She needs more work on coming back when she is outside and distracted by scents. I of course bragged to wife that I had child time. She showed me up and went the next day to visit with her also.

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