Door install in office got done eventually

I had plans to go out and install the door in the office but it was cold outside, like 1 F when we woke up this morning. I kept thinking it would warm up so I kept delaying going outside. Finally when it got to 5 F I decided that it was good enough. My thought process was I could plug in the little electric heater that is out there and I even went up into the attic and got another one to take out with me.

The plan was simple, cut out the old 2×4 on one side and the top and just install a new one on the inside of them to widen the hole. I attempted this but the first battery gave up after 10 minutes and the second lasted 10 minutes and when I went to get the first one off the charger I realized that the first one was not charging. The battery was too cold and the charger would not send electricity into it. I ended up putting both chargers on the ground in front of the heaters and then going out to feed the animals. I started the tractor, it was a little rough but it started, then left it an an idle to go feed the sheep and horse. I needed the tractor to feed a big bale to the upper cows and the alpaca need another big bale. The tractor needs to warm up a lot before I change out the snow blade and go move big bales. I let it run for about 40 minutes before I took it out. It ran like a champ and I didn’t kill it trying to power into the bale pile to get one out. The alpaca were happy.

I went back out to the office and both batteries were now charged! I cut out the rest of the 2×4 and installed the new boards. Well, I tried to install the door and realized that the opening is no longer too small, it is too big. Sometimes you just cannot win. I ended up cutting two four inch boards on the table saw that were 3/4” thick and installing them on each side of the door frame. I tried only one board but the opening was still too large. After much fussing around I was able to get the door level and square and the door opens and closes relatively easily. I got four screws into it to hold it up and then shut the door. I left both electric heaters running but did turn down their temperatures. When it is this cold the heat pump was only able to keep it 20 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. By the time I got inside after installing the door the temperature was already 48 F. Two hours later the temperature in the office is now 63 degrees! I cannot wait to see what happens when I get the attic insulated.

The only real problem was I never bothered to put a level on the wall. It never occurred to me that the wall would have that much lean to it. To get the door level I had to mess with the door quite a bit and lean out the top pretty severely. This is going to necessitate another custom trim job to cover up the difference from the floor to the top of the door. Hopefully, tomorrow I can get the door anchored the rest of the way and insulation stuffed in around the door. Maybe even some insulation in the attic? I don’t want to be too ambitious.

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