Murphy bed install

I spent Thursday getting ready for the Murphy bed install. I spent an hour watching how to videos from the company’s website then I went into the craft room and unpacked all of the parts. They used a lot off expanded foam sheets and had broken them up to create a custom box. This left little pieces of styrofoam on everything. I spent all of the time wiping and vacuuming down the pieces to get all of the styrofoam contained. I had them all laid out and ready to go for Friday. I had also perused the written instructions just in case so it would not take very long to install. I had said two hours.

Friday Mr Professional came out and we spent five hours working on the install. Annmarie always multiplies my time estimates by three when she is calculating how long it will take me to do something. She is usually right, you would think I would have this system figured out as the outcome is fairly predictable, three times my estimate almost always. We took our time and went over every step meticulously. There was no room to just order another piece. I was going to just fish an extension cord behind the bookcases when we installed them so we had power on the wall. Mr Professional wanted to extend the outlet boxes out and put them into the bookcases. This was a much better plan, not an easier plan, just a better long term outcome. We extended the boxes and installed the outlets into the back of the cabinets. I even ordered wooden outlet covers that match the finish on the bed. They should be here next week.

Mr Professional came out on Saturday for a couple of hours and finished shimming the book cases and installing the trim. The trim is not supposed to be necessary but due to our uneven floor and wall they are needed. After it was all said and done you cannot tell that there were any issues. It looks amazing and now our visitors will have a nice double bed to sleep on and we can still use the room 98% of the time for other things. We are getting sheets and new pillows today for the bed and its will be all ready. We can leave the bed made up and merely have to just pull the bed down to get it to work.

Summer is quickly approaching

Summer is definitely coming. We are working on getting our water back up and out to all of the plants. That last minute freeze (17 degrees F) wrecked havoc with our automatic water timers. We had already turned on the garden and lavender sprinkler system and the timers froze, nothing else was damaged. So yesterday we got the berries and lavender watered and lavender weeded. I had some grass trying to grow through the ground cloth and rubber bark, so I pulled it all and got most of the roots. It’s a lot easier to do when the grass clumps are small. We also got the front hillside water turned on and the entire front hillside watered. It does not have a timer and we accidentally left it on last night so it will now be getting a manual timer that will go up to two hours. The water pressure is a lot better since we found and fixed the leak.

Our Murphy bed came via freight truck on Thursday. I tried to talk the guys into delivering it across the bridge and onto the front porch. They were not going to do that as it is only curbside delivery. We were just happy that they did not sit on it for two months while Annmarie badgered them to deliver it, our last local freight experience was less than pleasant. The last one wanted a full load of stuff before they came to Pilot Rock!! We would have to wait a few years for that to occur, which is what Annmarie told them repeatedly. The whole thing is heavy, 800# and we weren’t sure how to get it to the house. I had asked Annmarie to get me a set of “arm forks”, straps that go over your forearms and provide the leverage where you need it to maximize your lifting capability. Most people have the strength just not the grip power, their hands quit which makes it hard to carry stuff. They did not have that so she got me these shoulder straps shaped like an X behind your back and then an adjustable six inch wide strap that goes between them. You put on the harness, squat down, adjust the wide strap then you both just stand up! Your legs actually do all the lifting and then you just stabilize it with your arms. We were able to move the heavy bed portion into the craft room and it weighs around 400 pounds. It was amazing! We moved all four items into the craft room and kinda scoped out the assembly. Without opening the instruction box we have determined that the floor trim needs to be removed and I am going to have to move both outlets on the wall higher. I expect it to take a solid eight hours to get it installed.

I installed a rack in the upstairs bathroom and am now just waiting on the toilet paper roll holder and a hand towel holder. The last item is to make a template for the granite piece that goes on the triangular spot next to the toilet. I am hopeful that I can get that done next week. We moved our daughter back home after selling Annmarie’s grandmothers house. So yesterday was moving day and now we have boxes all over the house, in the attic and with the Murphy bed taking up space we had to move stuff out of that room also! Needless to say it will take us at least a week to dig out and get things arranged.

The chickens were waiting for food when I went out to get eggs last night. The extra rooster has been dispatched and now there should be less fighting at the compost dumping grounds, also known as the treat station to the chickens. Of course we still only have one calf, we hope they will hurry up and just have the rest.