Tex is the man!

Sunday was another day of fencing that would have been, I was saved from this fate by Tex!  I had to go to work on Sunday and Tex just kept building fence while I was gone.  It is amazing, sometimes I feel like a magician.  Now if I never ran out of money that would be a real trick.

We let the sheep out on the back hillside as they had eaten down the upper pasture pretty good.  The hillside looks great and there is plenty of food for the sheep.  The horses won’t go on the hillside as they would have to cross the back creek.  Mika is getting let out at night to forage a little extra once the sheep are put away in the barn at night.

Meathead has decided to work for me for 10 hours a week.  We are helping her out while she goes to school and she is earning her assistance.  I have a lot of rock picking projects lined up for her.  Unfortunately, this is supposed to be a very wet month with higher than normal precipitation.  I will think of other things for her to do if its too wet.  

img_0313I did come back and Tex and I finished up the ram pasture fence. It is now 100% done and would contain the sheep if we were to put them in there. We still have to finish the fence on the momma side. It needs to be torn down, the soil leveled off and then rebuilt. I have been piling dirt up against the fence to prevent the animals from crawling under it.

I do think we will need to put a couple of 2×6 boards across the spring crossing. If we don’t do that the bull will be able to just hook the fence and lift the panels. The two boards will stop him from hooking it with his horns. img_0314

Our back creek is rising as the sun goes down. Our front spring is not rising yet so the creek is staying in its boundaries. If it jumps our spring level raises dramatically. If it jumps it’s bank then I will have to go dig out the blockage again. img_0317-1