Stairs Progress Report

So, Steve has made great progress on the upstairs floors. After 1 1/2 full days staining, he has the entire upstairs hallway done, the handrail, both newel posts and half the stairs, and actually, he’ll probably be finished the stairs before bedtime tonight. That will just leave the trim in the hallway for Friday. I’m actually very happy with his progress, as I had estimated that this was a 4-6 day project, not including time off for pesky things like paying jobs. That translates into 7-10 calendar days. Steve, however, had estimated that he could have the entire staining process done the first day (that 1/2 day he posted about earlier), and be completely finished with the sealant today. Needless to say, he’s not nearly so happy. But really, the stairs are looking great. We had been concerned that the old wood on the kick-boards and risers would take the stain very much differently from the new treads . They are matching very very well. The handrail is a slightly different color, but that’s OK too. Steve thinks they are too dark, but I think the bedroom floors started out this color too, and lightened after the sealant was applied. Isn’t progress wonderful?

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