Stairs a finishing…

I am actually making progress on the stairs.  Some days it seems like the project will never get done.  On Friday I had to go pick up more stain and polyurethane to finish the floor.  I had used the last of the stain on Tuesday night.  I used the last of the three year old stain.  Which means it came out very dark.  Very dark.  It is having to grow on me.  So on Friday I used some of the stain to spot touch up and get ready for the sealant.  I spent Friday night till 0200 putting clear coat on the hallway and stairs.  Now mind you, Sarah has been sleeping at her Great Grandmother’s house all week and Annmarie has been sleeping on the futon in the living room. It is getting old.  The futon is pretty good, but not something I want to sleep on for eternity.  The floor was ready for a second coat of sealant yesterday, but I had told Ruby (Great Grandmother) that I would come down and help plant her garden this weekend.  That translated out to mean Saturday for her, and then my Dad’s wheelchair broke and he called Saturday morning.  So I just went over and took the broken part off and fixed the other wheelchair so he could use it temporarily.  Then I went down and helped plant a garden.  Her neighbor had made three elevated beds with rails she could sit on.  Well, we planted all three beds and then I dug four spots for pole beans then we planted three rows of corn, but when she started talking about pumpkins I drew the line!!  Her garden is very large and we planted the hole thing last year.   Ruby is 85 years old and doesn’t like weeds.  So she was out there every day last year trying to beat the weeds back.  I went over every week.  We couldn’t keep up.  So this year the plan was boxes only, I will weed eat the weeds and throw straw down so the weeds don’t get out of control.  So we were not going to plant anything in the ground.  Now we have onions (left over from last year), snow peas (she and Sarah planted 3 weeks ago), four sets of pole beans with poles in ground and three rows of corn.  Plus, she wants me to get pots for her rock garden so she can plant some herbs.  I needed to finish rebuilding the rock garden (we ripped it up last year, was overgrown with weeds and needed a new border) as it is only partially complete.  So I have to add that onto the do soon list.  It was mid afternoon by the time that was done.  

Annmarie and I went to the Live Action Pendleton Underground Tours last night.  They do an annual fundraiser where  volunteers come and play different parts during the tour.  It was good, we enjoyed ourselves.  The tour is fantastic.  I have done the underground tour in Seattle and San Francisco and Pendleton’s is hands down the best.  At one point in Pendleton there were over 70 miles of tunnels throughout the city built mostly by the Chinese railroad workers.  We had dinner afterwards and came home.  It was our Anniversary present to ourselves.  I will post pictures of the stairs soon.  

The chickens are still locked up in their chicken yard.  I need to add a pen for the babies before I let them back out.  No more free meals for the cats.  Due to the stair work, my chicken project is on hold.  But this week I will get outside!

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