Baby sheep still kickin

We went camping for the weekend and had a nephew feed the animals and collect eggs for us.  We came back today to torrential downpours.  Luckily, it only rained the first day for us and was beautiful the other days.  We had a great time camping and catching up with old friends.  I checked on the twin sheep babies when we came home.  The really pretty multicolor one is kinda skinny!  So skinny that Annmarie went in and mixed up a bottle of formula for him.  He didn’t want to drink it.  So we will try a couple of times a day for the next two weeks.  He is noticeably skinnier than the other baby.  We also locked the ewe and her two babies up in the loading corral.  That way she cannot run around the whole barn lot.  The babies won’t have to burn off so many calories keeping up with her.  She is very flighty.  It is late and I will give the monthly chicken report this week.

They are both boys, but the multicolor one on the right is way cool looking.  He is the bomb!!!  It is really too bad he is related to too many females we currently have, or else I would love to keep him as our new ram.

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