eggs are too small

Well, I never got out there and hooked up my light to the chicken coop.  It is definitely on the to do list today.  Sarah only collected 8 eggs this morning (didn’t do it yesterday, as parental supervision was minimal).  Two were fairy eggs.  I have been giving the fairy eggs away, as they are very small and some don’t have a yolk.  I have another dozen!  I just gave away an 18 pack away on Monday from last week.  Chickens need to get it figured out!  At 2230 last night I stepped out the front door on my way to lock the chickens up, I was assaulted by a horrific odor.  Another skunk.  Now I had been contemplating not locking up the chickens.  This whole locking them up every night is getting old.  I feel like a child who sleeps with closet door closed.  If I forget to close the door the bogey man will get me (or my chickens).
 That $200 for the automatic door is starting to sound more affordable every day.  Especially, if I get the chicken numbers back up over 50 laying hens.  I quickly changed my plans, went back in and grabbed the Walther P22 pistol.  When I loaded it, I realized I had not changed the clip after the latest round of executions, so I slipped in a fresh clip.  Hitting a moving target in the dark is not easy, especially when it is a skunk and distance is a serious issue.  I sulked out the front door armed and ready, as I flashed my high power flashlight around, I spotted glowing eyes everywhere!!!  The orchard was full of them.  I spotted 5 deer before I quit counting.  No skunks. Over by the coop I pulled a bead on my favorite new kitty “mouse killer”.  He is all black and was running toward me.  Luckily for him, my finger is my safety, and I did not have my finger on the trigger, it was laying along the body of the pistol.  Chickens were golden.  I flashed the light around through the chicken door.  They muttered at the intrusion.  The hen that is trying to hatch one egg was still in her nest box and our Polish hen was sitting in the opening to one other nest box.  I figure if those two are alive then all is good.  They are the easiest to snack on, as they are the closest to the ground.

Here is mouse killer’s picture.  He was batting around some poor mouse this morning on the front porch.  Luckily, for the mouse, it was dead.

mouse killer

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