Cooperation not existent

It just seems like nothing ever wants to work out.  I locked the sheep in the yard yesterday (the lawn needs mowed).  It is just easier to turn the sheep loose than use our push reel mower.  I broke two gas mowers last year.  The sheep are now happily outside the yard again.  They pushed (broke) my small wooden gate in the cat area and then crawled under the fence to get outside the yard.  Of course, when I got home I saw four of them crawl under the main fence in the dry creek bed so they could get outside of our Ram pasture.  They just want to be somewhere I don’t want them to be.  Starting to get annoying.  Eventually, I will get some time to fix those creek crossings, just not yet.

Our chocolate lab, Bailey, has decided that odour de skunk is the best thing since sliced bread!  Every time she gets out of the yard, since I killed the skunk, she runs over and rolls around on the ground.  Fresh skunk smell.  This morning I saw the trap had been sprung, I started to dread the skunk smell before I even knew what was in the trap.  I trudged outside begrudgingly.  Luckily, it was one of the kittens.  A not very impressed kitten.  I shook the cage a little and then let it out.  I reset the trap and it still had some dog food in the bottom.

Of course it rained today and is raining now, so who knows if I will catch anything again.  I am hoping the demand for eggs starts to go back up as the chickens are producing more now.

I have decided to remove one of the sheep from the slaughter list.  We have one female who has had two miscarriages.  She is very pregnant again, so I am going to give her one more shot at it.  If it doesn’t work this time then she is done.  Three strikes rule.

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